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Another prescription, used by hunters to keep away the black flies and mosquitoes, is said to leave the skin very clear and fair, and is as follows:  Mix one spoonful of the best tar in a pint of pure olive oil or almond oil, by heating the two together in a tin cup set in boiling water.  Stir till completely mixed and smooth, putting in more oil if the compound is too thick to run easily.  Rub this on the face when going to bed, and lay patches of soft cloth on the cheeks and forehead to keep the tar from rubbing off.  The bed linen must be protected by cloth folded and thrown over the pillows.

The whites of four eggs boiled in rose-water; half an ounce of alum; half an ounce of sweet almonds; beat the whole together until it assumes the consistency of paste.  Spread upon a silk or muslin mask, to be worn at night.

Take a small piece of the gum benzoin and boil it in spirits of wine till it becomes a rich tincture.  In using it pour fifteen drops into a glass of water, wash the face and hands and allow it to dry.


Boracic acid has been used with great success as an external application in the treatment of vegetable parasitic diseases of the skin.  A solution of a dram of the acid to an ounce of water, or as much of the acid as the water will take up, is found to meet the requirements of the case satisfactorily.  The affected parts should be well bathed in the solution twice a day and well rubbed.


Mix half an ounce of glycerine with half an ounce of alcohol, and add four ounces of rose-water.  Shake well together and it is ready for use.  This is a splendid remedy for chapped hands.


Apply a solution of the root of common narrow-leafed dock, which belongs to the botanical genus of Rumex.  Use vinegar for the solvent.

Dissolve a piece of sulphate of potash, the size of a walnut, in one ounce of water.  Apply night and morning for a couple of days, and it will disappear.


Take two drams of borax, one dram of alum, one dram of camphor, half an ounce of sugar-candy, and a pound of ox-gall.  Mix and stir well for ten minutes, and stir it three or four times a fortnight.  When clear and transparent, strain through a blotting paper and bottle for use.


Ammonia one ounce, rosemary one ounce, cantharides four drams, rose-water four ounces, glycerine one ounce.  First wet the head with cold water, then apply the mixture, rubbing briskly.

Vinegar of cantharides half an ounce, eau-de-cologne one ounce, rose-water one ounce.  The scalp should be brushed briskly until it becomes red, and the lotion should then be applied to the roots of the hair twice a day.

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