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The hands should be kept scrupulously clean, and therefore should be very frequently washed—­not merely rinsed in soap and water, but thoroughly lathered, and scrubbed with a soft nail-brush.  In cold weather the use of lukewarm water is unobjectionable, after which the hands should be dipped into cold water and very carefully dried on a fine towel.

Be careful always to dry the hands thoroughly, and rub them briskly for some time afterward.  When this is not sufficiently attended to in cold weather, the hands chap and crack.  When this occurs, rub a few drops of honey over them when dry, or anoint them with cold cream or glycerine before going to bed.


As cold weather is the usual cause of chapped hands, so the winter season brings with it a cure for them.  A thorough washing in snow and soap will cure the worst case of chapped hands, and leave them beautifully soft.


Should you wish to make your hands white and delicate, you might wash them in milk and water for a day or two.  On retiring to rest, rub them well over with some palm oil and put on a pair of woolen gloves.  The hands should be thoroughly washed with hot water and soap the next morning, and a pair of soft leather gloves worn during the day.  They should be frequently rubbed together to promote circulation.  Sunburnt hands may be washed in lime-water or lemon-juice.


Warts, which are more common with young people than with adults, are very unsightly, and are sometimes very difficult to get rid of.  The best plan is to buy a stick of lunar caustic, which is sold in a holder and case at the druggist’s for the purpose, dip it in water, and touch the wart every morning and evening, care being taken to cut away the withered skin before repeating the operation.  A still better plan is to apply acetic acid gently once a day with a camel’s hair pencil to the summit of the wart.  Care should be taken not to allow this acid to touch any of the surrounding skin; to prevent this the finger or hand at the base of the wart may be covered with wax during the operation.


Nothing is so repulsive as to see a lady or gentleman, however well dressed they may otherwise be, with unclean nails.  It always results from carelessness and inattention to the minor details of the toilet, which is most reprehensible.  The nails should be cut about once a week—­certainly not oftener.  This should be accomplished just after washing, the nail being softer at such a time.  Care should be taken not to cut them too short, though, if they are left too long, they will frequently get torn and broken.  They should be nicely rounded at the corners.  Recollect the filbert-shaped nail is considered the most beautiful.  Never bite the nails; it not only is a most disagreeable habit, but tends to make the nails jagged, deformed and difficult to clean, besides gives a red and stumpy appearance to the finger-tips.

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