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A beautiful eyelash is an important adjunct to the eye.  The lashes may be lengthened by trimming them occasionally in childhood.  Care should be taken that this trimming is done neatly and evenly, and especially that the points of the scissors do not penetrate the eye.  The eyebrows may be brushed carefully in the direction in which they should lie.  In general, it is in exceeding bad taste to dye either lashes or brows, for it usually brings them into disharmony with the hair and features.  There are cases, however, when the beauty of an otherwise fine countenance is utterly ruined by white lashes and brows.  In such cases one can hardly be blamed if India ink is resorted to to give them the desired color.  Never shave the brows.  It adds to their beauty in no way, and may result in an irregular growth of new hair.


The utmost care should be taken of the eyes.  They should never be strained in an imperfect light, whether that of shrouded daylight, twilight or flickering lamp or candle-light.  Many persons have an idea that an habitually dark room is best for the eyes.  On the contrary, it weakens them and renders them permanently unable to bear the light of the sun.  Our eyes were naturally designed to endure the broad light of day, and the nearer we approach to this in our houses, the stronger will be our eyes and the longer will we retain our sight.


Some persons have the eyebrows meeting over the nose.  This is usually considered a disfigurement, but there is no remedy for it.  It may be a consolation for such people to know that the ancients admired this style of eyebrows, and that Michael Angelo possessed it.  It is useless to pluck out the uniting hairs; and if a depilatory is applied, a mark like that of a scar left from a burn remains, and is more disfiguring than the hair.


If the lids of the eyes become inflamed and scaly, do not seek to remove the scales roughly, for they will bring the lashes with them.  Apply at night a little cold cream to the edges of the closed eyelids, and wash them in the morning with lukewarm milk and water.  It is well to have on the toilet-table a remedy for inflamed eyes.  Spermaceti ointment is simple and well adapted to this purpose.  Apply at night, and wash off with rose-water in the morning.  There is a simple lotion made by dissolving a very small piece of alum and a piece of lump-sugar of the same size in a quart of water; put the ingredients into the water cold and let them simmer.  Bathe the eyes frequently with it.


A sty in the eye is irritating and disfiguring.  Bathe with warm water; at night apply a bread-and-milk poultice.  When a white head forms, prick it with a fine needle.  Should the inflammation be obstinate, a little citrine ointment may be applied, care being taken that it does not get into the eye.

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