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An elegant skating costume may be of velvet, trimmed with fur, with fur bordered gloves and boots.  Any of the warm, bright colored wool fabrics, however, are suitable for the dress.  If blue or green are worn, they should be relieved with trimmings of dark furs.  Silk is not suitable for skating costume.  To avoid suffering from cold feet, the boot should be amply loose.


Flannel is the best material for a bathing costume, and gray is regarded as the most suitable color.  It may be trimmed with bright worsted braid.  The best form is the loose sacque, or the yoke waist, both of them to be belted in, and falling about midway between the knee and ankle; an oilskin cap to protect the hair from the water, and merino socks to match the dress, complete the costume.


Comfort and protection from dust and dirt are the requirements of a traveling dress.  When a lady is about making an extensive journey, a traveling suit is a great convenience, but for a short journey, a large linen overdress or duster may be put on over the ordinary dress in summer, and in winter a waterproof cloak may be used in the same way.  For traveling costumes a variety of materials may be used, of soft, neutral tints, and smooth surface which does not retain the dust.  These should be made up plainly and quite short.  The underskirts should be colored, woolen in winter and linen in summer.  The hat or bonnet must be plainly trimmed and completely protected by a large veil.  Velvet is unfit for a traveling hat, as it catches and retains the dust; collars and cuffs of plain linen.  The hair should be put up in the plainest manner.  A waterproof and warm woolen shawl are indispensible, and may be rolled in a shawl strap when not needed.  A satchel should be carried, in which may be kept a change of collars, cuffs, gloves, handkerchiefs, toilet articles, and towels.  A traveling dress should be well supplied with pockets.  The waterproof should have large pockets, and there should be one in the underskirt in which to carry such money and valuables as are not needed for immediate use.


A full bridal costume should be white from head to foot.  The dress may be of silk, heavily corded, moire antique, satin or plain silk, merino, alpaca, crape, lawn or muslin.  The veil may be of lace, tulle or illusion, but it must be long and full.  It may or may not descend over the face.  Orange blossoms or other white flowers and maiden blush roses should form the bridal wreath and bouquet.  The dress is high and the arms covered.  Slippers of white satin and white kid gloves complete the dress.

The dress of the bridegroom and ushers is given in the chapter treating of the etiquette of weddings.


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