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The full dinner dress for guests admits of great splendor.  It may be of any thick texture of silk or velvet for winter, or light rich goods for summer, and should be long and sweeping.  Every trifle in a lady’s costume should be, as far as she can afford it, faultless.  The fan should be perfect in its way, and the gloves should be quite fresh.  Diamonds are used in broaches, pendants, ear-rings and bracelets.  If artificial flowers are worn in the hair, they should be of the choicest description.  All the light neutral tints, and black, dark blue, purple, dark green, garnet, brown and fawn are suited for dinner wear.


The dress of a hostess at a dinner party should be rich in material, but subdued in tone, so as not to eclipse any of her guests.  A young hostess should wear a dress of rich silk, black or dark in color, with collar and cuffs of fine lace, and if the dinner be by daylight, plain jewelry, but by gaslight diamonds.


The glaring colors and “loud” costumes, once so common, have given place to sober grays, and browns and olives; black predominating over all.  The light, showily-trimmed dresses, which were once displayed in the streets and fashionable promenades, are now only worn in carriages.  This display of showy dress and glaring colors is generally confined to those who love ostentation more than comfort.


If a lady has a special day for the reception of calls, her dress must be of silk, or other goods suitable to the season, or to her position, but must be of quiet colors and plainly worn.  Lace collars and cuffs should be worn with this dress, and a certain amount of jewelry is also admissible.  A lady whose mornings are devoted to the superintendence of her domestic affairs, may receive a casual caller in her ordinary morning dress, which must be neat, yet plain, with white plain linen collars and cuffs.  For New Year’s, or other calls of special significance, the dress should be rich, and may be elaborately trimmed.  If the parlors are closed and the gas lighted, full evening dress is required.


The material for a dress for a drive through the public streets of a city, or along a fashionable drive or park, cannot be too rich.  Silks, velvets and laces, are all appropriate, with rich jewelry and costly furs in cold weather.  If the fashion require it, the carriage dress may be long enough to trail, or it may be of the length of a walking dress, which many prefer.  For driving in the country, a different style of dress is required, as the dust and mud would soil rich material.

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