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Mór Jókai
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     “Full of fire and musical passion.”—­Literary World.

Over One Hundred Thousand Copies Sold in America.

The Golden Dog (LE CHIEN D’OR). (Third Edition.)

A Romance of the days of Louis Quinze in Quebec.  By William Kirby, F.R.S.C. 6/=

     “Brimful of interest and excitement, the novel may be read with
     pleasure, and finished with regret.”—­Sheffield Independent.

Memory Street.

By MARTHA BAKER DUNN, Author of “Sleeping Beauty,” “Lias’
Wife,” etc. 6/=

“This charming story is not only one of daily actions, but of important epochs.  The novel is bright and alert, the personages are natural, the story is graphic and true to the very last.”—­Boston Times.

God’s Rebel.

By HULBERT FULLER, Author of “Vivian of Virginia.”

     “A book ... palpitating with intensity.”—­St. Paul’s Despatch.

     “Most interesting throughout.”—­Albany Times.

The Rejuvenation of Miss Semaphore. (Thirtieth Thousand.)

A Farcical Novel.  By HAL GODFREY (Miss C. O’Conor Eccles). 6/=

     “A lightsome, laughable farce....  Some delightfully grotesque
     situations.  The humour of the book is most enjoyable.”—­Daily

     “Is the clever expansion of a clever idea.  Well written, drawn to
     the life, and full of fun.”—­Black and White.

The Man Who Forgot. (Second Edition.)

By JOHN MACKIE, Author of the “Prodigal’s Brother,” “Sinners Twain,” etc.  With a special Photogravure Portrait of the Author. 6/=

     “An exciting tale ... distinctly a book to read and enjoy.”—­Daily

“A vigorous and exciting story.  Some part of the action of the book is laid in Java, and the catastrophe of Krakatoa is described with a vividness that makes real to us that appalling upheaving of Nature.”—­Daily News.

The Poor Plutocrats. (AS WE GROW OLD.) (Fourth Edition.)

By MAURUS JOKAI.  Translated by R. Nisbet Bain.  With a fine Photogravure Portrait of Dr. Jokai.

“Distinctly a novel of incident and adventure, the whole atmosphere is fresh and new; the ways of life, the people of those curious towns and villages and lonely mountains, are a revelation and a novelty.  Put before us by the pen of a master like Jokai, the effect is to stir and interest in an unusual degree.”—­Daily Chronicle.

The Day of Wrath. (Fifth Edition.)

By MAURUS JOKAI.  Translated from the Hungarian by R. Nisbet Bain.  With a Photogravure Portrait of Dr. Jokai.

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