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The Gray House of the Quarries. (Second Edition.)

By MARY H. NORRIS.  With etched Frontispiece by Edmund H.
Garrett. 6/=

     “Susanna is a splendid study.  No person who takes up the book can
     resist its fascination.”—­Westminster Review.

Distaff. (Second Edition.)

By MARYA RODZIEWICZ, Author of “Anima Vilis,” etc.  Translated from the Polish by Count S. C. de Soissons.  With a finely engraved Portrait of the Author. 6/=

     “A pleasant story, full of ability.”—­Pall Mall Gazette.

     “A striking novel.”—­Spectator.

The Captive of Pekin. (Fourth Edition.)

A Realistic Story of Chinese Life and Manners.  By Charles Hannan.  With twenty-three graphic Illustrations from life, depicting the Chinese torture fiends, by A. J. B. Salmon. 6/=

     “Told with great vividness, a thrilling story dramatically told. 
     The reader’s interest does not flag from beginning to end.”—­The

     “A powerfully written and absorbing story.”—­Morning Post.

A Daughter of Mystery. (Second Edition.)


“It cannot comfortably be laid down until it is finished.  The plots and counter-plots make the brain reel.  The book should be read, and will repay the most exacting lovers of the exciting.”—­Daily News.

Wayfarers All. (Second Edition.)

By LESLIE KEITH, Author of “’Lisbeth,” “My Bonnie Lady.” 6/=

     “An extremely entertaining and sympathetic romance.  The Misses
     Green are masterly characterisations, and so are Ruth’s fascinating
     children.”—­Daily Telegraph.

The Inn by the Shore. (Fifteenth Thousand.)

By FLORENCE WARDEN, Author of “The House on the Marsh,” etc. 3/6

     “A rattling story, told in a lively way, incident following on
     incident in rapid succession.”—­Daily Chronicle.

Judy a Jilt. (Third Edition.)

By MRS. CONNEY, Author of “A Lady House Breaker,” “Gold for Dross,” etc. 3/6

     “Written in Mrs. Conney’s happiest manner ‘Judy a Jilt’ is a
     telling story throughout.”—­Daily Telegraph.

The Tone King. (Third Edition.)

A Romance of the Life of Mozart By Heribert Rau.  Translated by J. E. S. Rae.  With specially engraved Portrait of Mozart. 6/=

     “A lively story.  The narrative of his achievements as a boy and
     man, deftly built up to completeness by Mr. Heribert Rau, is
     delightful reading throughout.”—­Daily Telegraph.

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