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=The quality of life.=—­If we now extend the scope of common interests that belong in the category with the snow and the animals, we shall readily see that the analogy of the filtration-plant holds good in the entire regime of the vitalized school.  But we must never lose sight of the additional fact that the quality of life that issues from the school is far better because of its passage through the school.  The volume may be less, through unfortunate leakage, but the quality is so much better that its value to society is enhanced a hundred- or a thousand-fold.  The people who pass through the school have learned a common language, have been imbued with a common purpose, have learned how to live and work in hearty accord, have come to revere a common flag, and have become citizens of a common country.


1.  What is the general function of the school?

2.  What is meant by the school’s being the “melting-pot”?

3.  What objection is there to the expression “getting an education”?  What would be a better expression to indicate the purpose of attending school?

4.  What diseases that invade society would be checked if in school the stream of life were rectified?

5.  Why is it desirable that pupils shall not lose their individuality in passing through school?

6.  What is the primary purpose of each school study, for instance, language?

7.  What is the true purpose of grammar?

8.  What do these functions of the school and of its studies teach us regarding the adaptation of subjects and methods to the individual?

9.  Tell something of the work done in vocational guidance in Boston.

10.  Tell something of the methods employed by some corporations in choosing employees naturally fitted for the work.

11.  Tell something of the psychological tests for vocations devised by Professor Muensterberg. (Psychology and Industrial Efficiency, Hugo Muensterberg, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1913.)

12.  What do you think is the practicable way of helping the pupils in your school to develop along the lines of their natural endowment?

13.  What is the effect on society when a man does work for which he is not fitted?

14.  Show some ways in which the interests of the school as a whole may be fostered and a natural development of the class as a whole be secured.

15.  There has been a big fire in town.  Show how the interest in this event may be used in the day’s work.

16.  In what ways is one who has had private instruction likely to be a poorer citizen than one who has attended school?

17.  What conditions might cause some of those who go through school to be polluted instead of rectified?  Whose fault would it be?

18.  What questions should we ask ourselves about the things that are being done in our schools?

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