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7.  Give some of the reasons why the socialized recitation enhances interest.

8.  What is the essence of the “gang spirit”?

9.  Compare the character and extent of the individual’s responsibility in the two types of recitations.

10.  In what other ways is the socialized recitation likely to produce better reactions?

11.  Some one says that the convention style of recitation will not do, because a few do all of the work.  From your experience or observation do you find this true?  If so, is this condition peculiar to that type of recitation?  Suggest methods of counteracting this tendency in the socialized class.  Would these prove effective in a class taught in the ordinary way?

12.  Is one likely to overestimate the value of one’s possessions, mental or physical?  Are the pupils (and perhaps the teacher) likely to overestimate what is done in the socialized recitation?  What things may offset this tendency?

13.  Compare the socialized recitation with a debate.

14.  Compare it with an ordinary discussion or argument.

15.  Show just why the results of the socialized recitation are likely to be permanent.

16.  How does socialized class work affect the home and society?

17.  Though school is a preparation for life, it, at the same time, is life.  Show that the socialized recitation presupposes this truth.

18.  Compare the value of the assignment of a history lesson in the manner described in the notes quoted with the value of an ordinary assignment.

19.  Describe at least one other socialized recitation.

20.  Compare socialized work as described in Scott’s Social Education (C.  A. Scott, Ginn & Co., 1908) with the socialized recitation here described, as to (a) aim, (b) method, (c) results.

21.  “Lessons require two kinds of industry, the private individual industry and the social industry or class work.”  Is this true?  If so, what sort of recitation-lesson will stimulate each kind?



=Agriculture a typical study.=—­In the vitalized school the subject of agriculture is typical and may profitably be elaborated somewhat by way of illustrating the relation of a subject to school procedure.  From whatever angle we approach the subject of agriculture we find it inextricably connected with human life.  This fact alone gives to it the rank of first importance.  Its present prominence as a school study is conclusive evidence that those who are charged with the responsibility of administering the schools are becoming conscious of the need for vitalizing them.  Time was when arithmetic was regarded as the most practical subject in the school and, therefore, it was given precedence over all others.  History, grammar, and geography were relegated to secondary rank, and agriculture

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