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Earl:—­That is just it.  Let’s make a list of the points in one that do not appear in the other.  Then by investigation and discussion see if we can tell why.

Teacher:—­Frank, you had something to say a moment ago.

Frank:—­Not on Earl’s plan, which I think an excellent one, but I wished to ask the class if they think it important while looking through these two documents to keep in mind the questions:  “Is this the way things are done to-day?” and “Does this apply in our own city?” and “In case the President or Congress failed in their duty, what could the people do about it?”

Ella:—­It seems to me that Frank’s suggestion is a good one for it bears upon what we decided in the beginning, that we must apply the history of the past to see how it affects us to-day.

Violet:—­I should like to know how the people received the work of this convention.  You know that it was all so secret no one knew what they were doing behind their closed doors.  If the people were like they are to-day there would certainly be some opposition to the New Constitution.

Elsie:—­Good.  Mr. Chairman, I move that Violet report the reception and rejection of the New Constitution by the people of the several States as a special topic for to-morrow.

Robert:—­Second the motion.

Chairman:—­Miss Brown, have you any suggestion as to time limit?

Teacher:—­I suggest ten minutes. (Chairman puts vote and suggestion is carried.)

Teacher:—­Mr. Chairman, may we have the secretary read the several points in the assignment?

At the chairman’s request the secretary reads and the class note as follows:  Study of the New Constitution, emphasizing points of similarity and difference.

Seek reasons for same.

Application of Constitution to our present-day life.

Remedy for failures if officers fail to do their duty.

Special topic ten minutes in length on the reception of the Constitution by the people of the different States.

Teacher:—­I think that will be enough—­consult the text.  In connection with the special topic some valuable material may be found in the Civics section in the reference room.  The other references on this subject you had given you.  Mr. Chairman, may we have the secretary read the points brought out by yesterday’s recitation?


1.  What is meant by the “socialized recitation” as the term is here used?

2.  Define separately the word “socialized” as used in this connection.

3.  What are the teacher’s functions in such a recitation?

4.  What are the teacher’s functions in the traditional recitation?

5.  Compare the kinds of knowledge required of a teacher in connection with the two types of recitations.

6.  Suggest a method of proceeding in a socialized recitation and show the advantages of the method.

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