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10.  Wherein does physical training seem to have failed to attain its ends?

11.  What are the arguments, from the standpoint of the physically efficient life, for the regulation or prohibition by the government of the sale of injurious products?

12.  What are the benefits of such a type of training as military training?

13.  Show how the lack of proper training of the mind may result in a less efficient body.

14.  In our present civilization what conditions may give rise to mental thralldom?  Upon what is mental freedom conditioned?

15.  How can the trained mind get the most out of life and contribute the most to it?

16.  Explain how the spirit is the dominant element in complete living.

17.  Why is one who is living the complete life sure to be altruistic?



=The question stated.=—­There are many, doubtless, who will deny, if not actually resent, the statement that some do more real teaching in ten minutes than others do in thirty minutes.  But, in spite of denials, the statement can be verified by the testimony of a host of expert observers and supervisors.  Indeed, stenographic reports have been made of many class exercises by way of testing the truth of this statement, and these reports are a matter of record.  Assuming the validity of the statement, therefore, it is pertinent to inquire into the causes that underlie the disparity in the teaching ability of the ten-minute teacher and the thirty-minute teacher.  The efficiency expert would be quick to seize upon this disparity in the rate of progress as the starting point in his critical examination.  In a factory a like disparity would lead to unpleasant consequences.  The workman who consumes thirty minutes in accomplishing a piece of work that another does in ten minutes would be admonished to accelerate his progress or else give way to a more efficient man.  If we had instruments of sufficient delicacy to test the results of teaching, we should probably discover that the output of the ten-minute teacher is superior in quality to that of the thirty-minute teacher.  For we must all have observed in our own experience that the clarity of our thinking depends upon its intensity.

=Examples.=—­A young man who won distinction as a college student had a wide shelf fitted up on one side of his room at which he stood in the preparation of all his lessons.  His theory was that the attitude of the body conditions the attitude of the mind.  Professor James gives assent to this theory and avers that an attitude of mind may be generated by placing the body in such an attitude as would naturally accompany this mental attitude.  This theory proclaims that, if the body is slouching, the mind will slouch; but that, if the body is alert, the mind will be equally so.  Another college student always walked to and fro in his room when preparing his history lesson.  A fine old lady, in a work of fiction, explained her mental acumen by the single statement, “I never slouch.”  Every person must have observed many exemplifications of this theory in his own experience even if he has not reduced it to a working formula.

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