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3.  Suggest other methods than the use of the dictionary for the enlargement of the pupil’s content of words.

4.  How may words be vitalized in composition?

5.  Should the chief aim of language work in the grades be force, accuracy, or elegance in the use of language?

6.  Add to the author’s list of words, other words the content of which may be expanded by education.

7.  How may the vitalized teacher encourage in pupils the formation of habits of careful diction?

8.  How remove unnatural stilted words and expressions from the oral and written expressions of pupils?



=The question raised.=—­That education is a preparation for complete living has been quoted by every teacher who lays any sort of claim to the standard definitions.  Indeed, so often and so glibly has the quotation been made that it is well-nigh axiomatic and altogether trite.  But we still await any clear explanation of what is meant by complete living.  On this point we are still groping, with no prophetic voice to tell us the way.  By implication we have had hints, and much has been said on the negative side, but the positive side still lies fallow.  When asked for an explanation, those who give the quotation resort to circumlocution and, at length, give another definition of education, apparently conscious of the mathematical dictum that things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.  So we continue to travel in a circle, with but feeble attempts to deviate from the course.

=The vitalized school an exemplification.=—­Nor will this chapter attempt to resolve the difficult situation in which we are placed.  It is not easy to define living, much less complete living.  All that is hoped for here is to bring the matter to the attention of all teachers and to cause them to realize that the quest for a definition of complete living will be for them and for their pupils an exhilarating experience.  The vitalized school will belie its name if it does not strive toward a solution of the difficulty, and any school that approximates a satisfactory definition will be proclaimed a public benefactor.  In fact, the school cannot lay claim to the distinction of being vitalized if it fails to exemplify complete living, in some appreciable degree, and if it fails to groove this sort of living into a habit that will persist throughout the years.  This is the big task that the school must essay if it would emancipate itself from the trammels of tradition and become a leader in the larger, better way.  Complete living must become the ideal of the school if it would realize the conception of education of which it is a professed exponent.

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