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American Steel & Wire Company, Cable.

Bajohr, Carl, Lightning Rods.

Broderick & Company, Contact Shoes.

Cambria Steel Company, Contact Rail.

Columbia Machine Works & Malleable Iron Company, Contact Shoes.

Consolidated Car Heating Company, Car Heaters.

D. & W. Fuse Company, Fuse Boxes and Fuses.

Electric Storage Battery Company, Storage Battery Plant.

Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company, Fire and Emergency Alarm

General Electric Company, Motors, Power House and Sub-station
Switchboards, Control Apparatus, Cable.

General Incandescent Arc Light Company, Passenger Station

India Rubber & Gutta Percha Insulating Company, Cables.

Keasby & Mattison Company, Asbestos.

Malleable Iron Fittings Company, Third Rail and other Castings.

Mayer & Englund Company, Rail Bonds.

Mitchell Vance Company, Passenger Station Electric Light Fixtures.

National Conduit & Cable Company, Cables.

National Electric Company, Air Compressors.

Nernst Lamp Company, Power Station Lighting.

Okonite Company, Cables.

Prometheus Electric Company, Passenger Station Heaters.

Roebling’s Sons Company, J. A., Cables.

Reconstructed Granite Company, Third Rail Insulators.

Standard Underground Cable Company, Cables.

Tucker Electrical Construction Company, Wiring for Tunnel and
Passenger Station Lights.

Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, Alternators, Exciters,
Transformers, Motors, Converters, Blower Outfits.

Westinghouse Machine Company, Turbo Alternators.

* * * * *

Mechanical and Architectural Department

John Van Vleck, Mechanical and Construction Engineer.

Power house and sub-station, steam plant, repair shop, tunnel drainage, elevators.


Alberger Condenser Company, Condensing Equipment.

Allis-Chalmers Company, Nine 8,000-11,000 H. P. Engines.

Alphons Custodis Chimney Construction Company, Chimneys.

American Bridge Company, Structural Steel.

Babcock & Wilcox Company, Fifty-two 600 H. P. Boilers and Six

Burhorn, Edwin, Castings.

Gibson Iron Works, Thirty-six Hand-fired Grates.

Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Electric Traveling Cranes and Machine Tools.

Milliken Brothers, Ornamental Chimney Caps.

Otis Elevator Company, Freight Elevator.

Peirce, John, Power House Superstructure.

Power Specialty Company, Four Superheaters.

Ryan & Parker, Foundation Work and Condensing Water Tunnels, etc.

Robins Conveying Belt Company, Coal and Ash Handling Apparatus.

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