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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 143 pages of information about The New York Subway.

Reese, Jr., Company, Thomas, Coal Downtake Apparatus, Oil Tanks, etc.

Riter-Conley Manufacturing Company, Smoke Flue System.

Sturtevant Company, B. F., Blower Sets.

Tucker & Vinton, Concrete Hot Wells.

Treadwell & Company, M. H., Furnace Castings, etc.

Walworth Manufacturing Company, Steam, Water, and Drip Piping.

Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Company, Three Turbo Generator Sets and
Two Exciter Engines.

Westinghouse Machine Company, Stokers.

Wheeler Condenser Company, Feed Water Heaters.

Worthington, Henry R., Boiler Feed Pumps.


American Bridge Company, Structural Steel.

Carlin & Company, P. J., Foundation and Superstructure, Sub-station
No. 15 (143d Street).

Cleveland Crane & Car Company, Hand Power Traveling Cranes.

Crow, W. L., Foundation and Superstructure Sub-stations Nos. 17 and 18
(Fox Street, Hillside Avenue).

Parker Company, John H., Foundation and Superstructure Sub-stations
Nos. 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16 (City Hall Place, E. 19th Street, W. 53d
Street, W. 96th Street, W. 132d Street).


American Bridge Company, Structural Steel.

Beggs & Company, James, Heating Boilers.

Elektron Manufacturing Company, Freight Elevator.

Farrell, E. J., Drainage System.

Hiscox & Company, W. T., Steam Heating System.

Leary & Curtis, Transformer House.

Milliken Brothers, Structural Steel and Iron for Storehouse.

Northern Engineering Works, Electric Telpherage System.

O’Rourke, John F., Foundation Work.

Tucker & Vinton, Superstructure of Reinforced Concrete.

Tracy Plumbing Company, Plumbing.

Weber, Hugh L., Superstructure of Storehouse, etc.


Tucker & Vinton, Reinforced Concrete Walls for Eight Signal Towers.


Otis Elevator Company, Electric Passenger Elevators for 167th Street, 181st Street, and Mott Avenue Stations, and Escalator for Manhattan Street Station.

* * * * *

Rolling Stock and Signal Department

George Gibbs, Consulting Engineer.

Cars, Automatic Signal System.

American Car & Foundry Company, Steel Car Bodies and Trailer Trucks.

Buffalo Forge Company, Blacksmith Shop Equipment.

Burnham, Williams & Company (Baldwin Locomotive Works), Motor Trucks.

Cambria Steel Company, Trailer Truck Axles.

Christensen Engineering Company, Compressors, Governors, and Pump
Cages on Cars.

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