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  Should there be any omission or want of more full statement in this
      Specification, the Contractor is to understand that the Hull of
      the said Vessel is to be fitted and completed fit for Sea in
      every respect as is usual for a Revenue Vessel of her Class,
      the Board finding the Copper Sheathing and Water-Closet.

  DEFECTS TO BE AMENDED.—­Any defects discovered in the Timbers or
      Plank, &c., by the Officer or Overseer appointed by the
      Honourable Board of Customs to survey and inspect the same, or
      insufficient workmanship performed to the said Cutter during
      her building, the said defect or deficiency both in the one and
      in the other, shall upon notice thereof to the Contractor be
      forthwith amended, and the said Overseer shall not at any time
      have any molestation or obstruction therein.

Note.—­For a 150-ton Revenue Cutter the following dimensions were employed:—­

     Length.—­(Stem to Sternpost) 72 feet.  Keel for Tonnage, 68 feet. 
     Breadth.—­(Extreme) 22 feet 10 inches. 
     Depth.—­10 feet 3 inches. 
     Beams to be 7 inches. 
     Deck to be 2 inches thick. 
     Four Oak Legs to be supplied



The following list shows the length and thickness of mast, boom, bowsprit, gaff, topmast, and spread-yard [i.e. the yard on which the square-sail was set] as used in the Revenue Cutters of different sizes from 150 to 40 tons.  The dimensions given below were those in vogue in the year 1838.

------+ Spar. | 150 Tons| 130 Tons|100 Tons.| 90 Tons.| 80 Tons.| -----------+---------+---------+---------+---------+--------
-+ |ft . ins.|ft. ins. |ft. ins. |ft. ins. |ft. ins. | Mast |75x20 |72x18 |68x17 |65x16 1/2|63x15 3/4| Boom |61x13 1/4|59x13 |54x12 |51x11 1/2|49x10 3/4| Bowsprit |55x16 3/4|53x15 1/2|49x14 |47x13 1/4|44x12 1/2| Gaff |45x 8 3/4|40x 8 1/2|38x 7 3/4|33x 7 1/2|32x 7 1/4| Topmast |52x 9 3/4|48x 8 1/2|45x 7 3/4|42x 7 1/2|40x 7 1/4| Spread-Yard|58x 9 1/4|56x 8 1/2|48x 8 1/4|47x 7 3/4|46x 7 1/2| -----------+---------+---------+---------+---------+--------
Spar.      | 70 Tons | 60 Tons | 50 Tons.| 40 Tons.|
|ft. ins. |ft. ins. |ft. ins. |ft. ins. |
Mast       |60x15    |56x14    |55x13 1/2|50x12    |
Boom       |47x10 1/2|45x10    |43x 8 3/4|42x 8 1/2|
Bowsprit   |43x12    |38x11 1/4|37x10 3/4|32x10    |
Gaff       |31x 7    |28x 6 3/4|30x 6 1/2|26x 6    |
Topmast    |39x 7    |35x 6 3/4|35x 6 1/2|30x 6    |
Spread-Yard|44x 7    |42x 6 3/4|38x 6 1/4|32x 6    |


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