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Matilda Nagle was hurried away to the back of the house by Mrs. Carruthers and her sister-in-law, there to find her idiot boy, to partake of necessary food provided by the compassionate Tryphena, and, for a time, altogether to forget the sad tragedy of the day.  Tryphosa prepared tea for the truants in the breakfast room, and, after the formalities of introduction and reacquaintance had been gone through, Miss Carmichael poured out tea for the five, while Tryphosa did the same for Ben in the kitchen.  The Captain told how Mr. Errol and the lawyer braved the terrors of the barred-in lakes, which appalled the stout heart of big Ben Toner.  The two heroes hastened to put all the credit on one another’s shoulders, in which, so far as one person’s estimation was concerned, the minister triumphed, for, through the tears that shimmered in her eyes, Coristine could see that the presiding goddess was proud of him, and, with all his simple-heartedness, he knew that such pride has its origin in possession.


     Old Man Newcome’s Escape, Arrest and Conveyance Home—­The Colonel’s
     Plan of Campaign—­He Takes Command—­Maguffin’s Capture by Messrs.
     Hill and Hislop—­The Richards’ Aid Enlisted—­Squire as Colonel, and
     Mr. Terry, Sergeant-Major—­The Skirmish—­Harding
     Murdered—­Wilkinson and Errol Improving the Time—­The Young
     Incendiary—­Mr. Hill Crushes Maguffin.

Everybody grieved for the offtaking of the detective.  In the front of the house, the Squire and the minister, who knew his history, were most affected; in the back, Ben Toner was the corypheus of grief.  An old man on a couch in an adjoining room heard the news, and, little thinking that his deposition and confession were safe in the Squire’s possession along with many other documents, rejoiced thereat, and conceived a heroic project.  At first, he thought of enlisting the idiot boy, but had to give up the idea; for the boy was happy with those whom he knew, and obstinately refused to go near the old reprobate.  Sylvanus no longer watched him; he was basking in the smiles of Tryphena, and, at the same time, amusing Monty.  There was a passage from the room he was in to the back of the main hallway, which led into the open air, independently of the summer kitchen.  His coat was gone and his hat, both his boots were removed, and his wounded leg was bandaged, but he was a tough old criminal, and a bare back rider from a boy.  He slipped off the couch, and helped himself along by the wall, thankful that his boots were off and he could move quietly.  Still, simple Sylvanus, taken in by the good old man who loved to have the Bible read to him, neglected his duty.  Newcome gained the hall, the porch, the open air, and, at last, could hardly believe his good luck to find himself in the stable unperceived.  What a lot of horses were there with nobody to look after them!  He saw one that suited him, a handsome beast he had seen

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