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Altered position of the Classical, languages.

Alleged benefits of these languages, after ceasing to be valuable in their original use.

The teaching of the languages does not correspond to these secondary values.

Languages are not a proper subject for competition with a view to appointments.

For foreign service, there should be a pass examination in the languages needful.

The training powers attributed to languages should be tested in its own character.

Instead of the Languages of Greece, Rome, &c., substitute the History and Literature.

Allocation of marks under this view.

Objections answered.

Certain subjects should be obligatory.

* * * * *


The classical controversy.

Its present aspect.

Attack on Classics by Combe, fifty years ago.

Alternative proposals at the present day:—­

1.  The existing system Attempts at extending the Science course under this system.

2.  Remitting Greek in favour of a modern language.  A defective arrangement.

3.  Remitting both Latin and Greek in favour of French and German.

4.  Complete bifurcation of the Classical and the Modern sides.

The Universities must be prepared to admit a thorough modern alternative course.

Latin should not be compulsory in the modern side.

Defences of Classics.

The argument from the Greeks knowing only their own language—­never answered.

Admission that the teaching of classics needs improvement.

Alleged results of contact with the great authors of Greece and
Rome—­unsupported by facts.

Amount of benefit attainable without knowledge of originals.

The element of training may be obtained from modern languages.

The classics said to keep the mind free from party bias.

Canon Liddon’s argument in favour of Greek as a study.

* * * * *


Metaphysics and debating societies.

Metaphysics here taken as comprising Psychology, Logic, and their dependent sciences.

Importance of the two fundamental departments.

The great problems, such as Free-will and External Perception should be run up into systematic Psychology.

Logic also requires to be followed out systematically.

Slender connection of Logic and Psychology.

Derivative Sciences:—­Education.

Aesthetics—­a corner of the larger field of Human Happiness

The treatment of Happiness should be dissevered from Ethics

Adam Smith’s loose rendering of the conditions of happiness

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