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Silence is of value, after excess of speech.

Previous pain not, in all cases, necessary to pleasure.

Simplicity of Style praiseworthy only under prevailing artificiality.  To extol Knowledge is to reprobate Ignorance.

Authority appealed to, when in our favour, repudiated when against us.

Fallacy of declaring all labour honourable alike.

The happiness of Justice supposes reciprocity.

Love and Benevolence need to be reciprocated.

The moral nature of God—­a fallacy of suppressed correlative

A perpetual miracle—­a self-contradiction.

Fallacy that, in the world, everything is mysterious.

Proper meaning of Mystery.

Locke and Newton on the true nature of Explanation

The Understanding cannot transcend its own experience.—­Time and Space, their Infinity.

We can assimilate facts, and generalise the many into one.  This alone constitutes Explanation.

Example from Gravity:  not now mysterious.

Body and Mind.  In what ways the mysteriousness of their union might be done away with.

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The civil service examinations.


First official recommendation of Competitive Examinations.

Successive steps towards their adoption.

First absolutely open Competition—­in the India Service.

Macaulay’s Report on the subjects for examination and their values.

Table of Subjects.  Innovations of Lord Salisbury.

An amended Table.


Doubts expressed as to the expediency of the competitive system.

Criticism of the present prescription for the higher Services.

The Commissioners’ Scheme of Mathematics and Natural Science objectionable.

Classification of the Sciences into Abstract or fundamental, and
Concrete or derivative.

Those of the first class have a fixed order, the order of dependence.

The other class is represented by the Natural History Sciences, which bring into play the Logic of Classification.

Each of these is allied to one or other members of the primary Sciences.

The Commissioners’ Table misstates the relationships of the various

The London University Scheme a better model.

The choice allowed by the Commissioners not founded on a proper principle.

The higher Mathematics encouraged to excess.

Amended scheme of comparative values.

Position of Languages in the examinations.

The place in education of Language generally.

Purposes of Language acquisition.

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