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The upper opening in the western end of the southern wall is much like that just described.  A small fragment of masonry above the lintel remains, and this is within a quarter of an inch of the top of the opening.  Above the opening there was a series of rough lintel poles, 3 to 5 inches in diameter, arranged in three tiers with 4 to 6 inches of filling between them.  Prints of these sticks are left in the wall and show that some of them were quite crooked.  Probably they were of mesquite, obtained from the immediate vicinity.  The edges of the openings were finished with flat sticks, like those described, and its bottom was 6 inches to a foot above the floor.  The height of the opening was 4 feet 3 inches and its width at the top 2 feet, at the bottom 2 feet 11/2 inches.

The opening immediately below the last described is filled with debris to the level of the lintel.  Above this, however, there is a series of three tiers of sticks with 6 to 8 inches of masonry between them vertically, sometimes laid side by side, sometimes separated by a foot of masonry.  Some of these lintel poles, as well as those of the opening above it, extend 3 feet into the wall, others only a few inches.  The lower sides or bottoms of the holes are washed with pink clay, the same material used for surfacing the interior walls.  Perhaps this was merely the wetting used to make succeeding courses of clay stick better.  This opening is shown in plate LIX.

Near the middle of the northern wall there are two openings, one above the other.  The upper opening was finished in the same manner as those already described.  But two tiers of poles show above it, though the top is well preserved, and another tier may be buried in the wall.  There are indications that the opening was closed by a block about 2 feet thick and flush with the outside.  The height of the opening was 4 feet 5 inches, width at top 1 foot 41/2 inches, and at the bottom 1 foot 10 inches.  It narrows a little from north to south.

The lower opening is so much broken out that little remains to show its character.  There is a suggestion that the opening was only 2 feet high, and there were probably three tiers of lintels above the opening, the top of which was 21/2 feet below the roof beams, but the evidence is not so clear as in the other instances.

In the middle of the western wall, at a height of 5 feet 8 inches above the first roof level, there is a large, roughly circular opening or window, 14 inches in diameter.  This is shown in plate LX.  It is smoothly finished, and enlarges, slightly, outward.


As before stated, any conclusions drawn from a study of the Casa Grande itself, and not checked by examination of other similar or analogous ruins, can not be considered as firmly established, yet they have a suggestive value.

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