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As an indication of the feeling with which this journal is regarded by the profession, we quote the following extract from a report of a committee of the American Institute of Architects upon “American Architectural Journals":—­

“At Boston, Mass., is issued the AMERICAN ARCHITECT AND BUILDING NEWS, a weekly of the first class, and, it must be acknowledged, the only journal in this country that can compare favorably with the great London architectural publications.  It is very liberally illustrated with full-page lithographic impressions of the latest designs of our most noted architects, and with occasional views of celebrated European buildings.  Once a month a fine gelatine print is issued in a special edition.  Its editorial department is conducted in a scholarly, courteous, and, at the same time, independent tone, and its selections made with excellent judgment.  It is the accepted exemplar of American architectural practice, and is found in the office of almost every architect in the Union.”—­April 15, 1885.

Subscription Prices. (In Advance.)

REGULAR EDITION.—­$6.00 per year; $3.50 per half year.

GELATINE EDITION (the same as the regular edition, but including 12 or more Gelatine Prints).—­$7.00 per year; $4.00 per half year.

IMPERIAL EDITION (the same as the regular edition, but including 40 Gelatine Prints, and 36 additional double-page Photo-Lithographic Prints).—­$10.00 year; $6.00 per half year.

MONTHLY EDITION (identical with the first weekly issue for each month, but containing no Gelatine Prints).—­$1.75 per year; $1.00 per half year.

Bound volumes for 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881, $10.50; 1882, 1883, 1884, and 1885, $9.00 each.

Bound volume (Gelatine edition) for 1885, $10.00.

Specimen numbers and advertising rates furnished on application to the publishers,



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