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She stopped, and the colour came flooding into her cheeks....

Then, in a flash, she turned and sped down the alley like a wild thing. 
As in a dream, I watched the tall slim figure dart out of sight....

A second impatient yelp reminded me that Nobby was still waiting.

* * * * *

The firm of silversmiths whom we employed to clean the collection, after it had been disinterred, valued it for purposes of insurance at twenty-two thousand pounds.

We saw no reason to communicate with Vandy.  The exercise was probably doing him good, and he had shown a marked antipathy to interruption.  A tent had been pitched at The Lawn, and the work of excavation went steadily on.  Not until the twenty-eighth of September did it suddenly cease.

Three days later we had occasion to drive into Brooch.  We returned by way of The Lawn.  As we approached the entrance, I slowed up....

From the tall gates a brand-new board flaunted its black and white paint.

But the legend it bore was the same.

Mr. Miller was evidently a Conservative.



“Listen to this,” said Berry.

SIR,—­Shortly before six o’clock this evening an extremely valuable Chow, by name Blue Bandala, which I purchased last March for no less a sum than six hundred pounds, was brutally attacked in Bilberry village by a rough-haired mongrel, which was accompanying two girls.  I am given to understand that this animal belongs to you.  I was at first determined to issue a summons, but I have now decided to give you a chance before doing so.  If it amuses you to keep such a cur about your house, there is nothing to prevent you from so doing.  But you must understand that once it leaves your property it must be under proper and effective control, and if it ever attacks a dog of mine again, I shall either destroy it upon the spot or apply to the Bench for its destruction.  I may say that Blue Bandala is not only very well bred, but a very quiet and friendly dog, and was in no way to blame for what occurred.


B.  PLEYDELL, White Ladies.

The explosion which the reading of this letter provoked is indescribable.

“It’s a lie!” cried Jill in a choking voice.  “It’s a beastly lie.  His dog started it.  Nobby would never have touched him.  He wasn’t paying any attention.  The Chow came up from behind and just fell upon him.  And how dare he say he’s a mongrel?  It’s just one lie after another, isn’t it, Adele?”

“It’s outrageous,” said Miss Feste.  “Directly I saw the other dog I thought he meant mischief, but before I could tell Jill, he’d started in.  Nobby didn’t even know he was there.”

The door opened, and dinner was announced.

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