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The Childhood of the “Swedish Nightingale.”—­Her First Musical Instruction.—­The Loss and Return of her Voice.—­Jenny Lind’s Pupilage in Paris under Manuel Garcia.—­She makes the Acquaintance of Meyerbeer.—­Great Sue-cess in Stockholm in “Robert le Diable.”—­Fredrika Bremer and Hans Christian Andersen on the Young Singer.—­Her Debut in Berlin.—­Becomes Prima Donna at the Royal Theatre.—­Beginning of the Lind Enthusiasm that overran Europe.—­She appears in Dresden in Meyerbeer’s New Opera, “Feldlager in Schliesen.”—­Offers throng in from all the Leading Theatres of Europe.—­The Grand Furore in Every Part of Germany.—­Description of Scenes in her Musical Progresses.—­She makes her Debut in London.—­Extraordinary Excitement of the English Public, such as had never before been known.—­Descriptions of her Singing by Contemporary Critics.—­Her Quality as an Actress.—­Jenny Lind’s Personnel.—­Scenes and Incidents of the “Lind” Mania.—­Her Second London Season.—­Her Place and Character as a Lyric Artist.—­Mlle. Lind’s American Tour.—­Extraordinary Enthusiasm in America.—­Her Lavish Generosity.—­She marries Herr Otto Goldschmidt.—­Present Life of Retirement in London.—­Jenny Lind as a Public Benefactor


The Daughter of an Obscure German Pastor.—­She studies Music in Paris.—­Failure of her Voice.—­Makes her Debut at La Fenice.—­She appears in London during the Lind Excitement.—­Description of her Voice and Person.—­A Great Excitement over her Second Appearance in Italy.—­Debut in Paris.—­Her Grand Impersonation in “Fidelio.”—­Critical Estimates of her Genius.—­Sophie Cruvelli’s Eccentricities.—­Excitement in Paris over her Valentine in “Les Huguenots.”—­Different Performances in London and Paris.—­She retires from the Stage and marries Baron Vigier.—­Her Professional Status.—­One of the Most Gifted Women of any Age


Born at Hamburg of an Hungarian Family.—­Her Early Musical Training.—­First Appearance in Opera in “Lucrezia Borgia.”—­Romance of her Youth.—­Rapid Extension of her Fame.—­Receives a Conge from Vienna to sing in England.—­Description of Mlle. Titiens, her Voice, and Artistic Style.—­The Characters in which she was specially eminent.—­Opinions of the Critics.—­Her Relative Standing in the Operatic Profession.—­Her Performances of Semi-ramide and Medea.—­Latter Years of her Career.—­Her Artistic Tour in America.—­Her Death, and Estimate placed on her Genius



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