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Women.—­Episode with a Lady of Rank.—­Anecdotes of his Early Italian Concertizing.—­The Imbroglio at Ferrara.—­The Frail Health of Paganini.—­Wonderful Success at Milan where he first plays One of the Greatest of his Compositions, “Le Streghe.”—­Duel with Lafont.—­Incidents and Anecdotes.—­His First Visit to Germany.—­Great Enthusiasm of his Audiences.—­Experiences at Vienna, Berlin, and other German Cities.—­Description of Paganini, in Paris, by Castil-Blaze and Fetis.—­His English Reception and the Impression made.—­Opinions of the Critics.—­Paganini not pleased with England.—­Settles in Paris for Two Years, and becomes the Great Musical Lion.—­Simplicity and Amiability of Nature.—­Magnificent Generosity to Hector Berlioz.—­The Great Fortune made by Paganini.—­His Beautiful Country Seat near Parma.—­An Unfortunate Speculation in Paris.—­The Utter Failure of his Health.—­His Death at Nice.—­Characteristics and Anecdotes.—­Interesting Circumstances of his Last Moments.—­The Peculiar Genius of Paganini, and his Influence on Art.


De Beriot’s High Place in the Art of the Violin and Violin Music.—­The Scion of an Impoverished Noble Family.—­Early Education and Musical Training.—­He seeks the Advice of Viotti in Paris.—­Becomes a Pupil of Robrechts and Baillot successively.—­De Beriot finishes and perfects his Style on his Own Model.—­Great Success in England.—­Artistic Travels in Europe.—­Becomes Soloist to the King of the Netherlands.—­He meets Malibran, the Great Cantatrice, in Paris.—­Peculiar Circumstances which drew the Couple toward Each Other.—­They form a Connection which only ends with Malibran’s Life.—­Sketch of Malibran and her Family.—­The Various Artistic Journeys of Malibran and De Beriot.—­Their Marriage and Mme. de Beriot’s Death.—­De Beriot becomes Professor in the Brussels Conservatoire.—­His Later Life in Brussels.—­His Son Charles Malibran de Beriot.—­The Character of De Beriot as Composer and Player.


The Birth and Early Life of Ole Bull at Bergen, Norway.—­His Family and Connections.—­Surroundings of his Boyhood.—­Early Display of his Musical Passion.—­Learns the Violin without Aid.—­Takes Lessons from an Old Musical Professor, and soon surpasses his Master.—­Anecdotes of his Boyhood.—­His Father’s Opposition to Music as a Profession.—­Competes for Admittance to the University at Christiania.—­Is consoled for Failure by a Learned Professor.—­“Better be a Fiddler than a Preacher.”—­Becomes Conductor of the Philharmonic Society at Bergen.—­His first Musical Journey.—­Sees Spohr.—­Fights a Duel.—­Visit to Paris.—­He is reduced to Great Pecuniary Straits.—­Strange Adventure with Vidocq, the Great Detective.—­First Appearance in Concert in Paris.—­Romantic Adventure leading to Acquaintance.—­First Appearance in Italy.—­Takes the Place of De Beriot by Great Good Luck.—­Ole Bull

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