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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 224 pages of information about Great Violinists And Pianists.


Viotti, the Connecting Link between the Early and Modern Violin Schools.—­His Immense Superiority over his Contemporaries and Predecessors.—­Other Violinists of his Time, Giornowick and Boccherini.—­Viotti’s Early Years.—­His Arrival in Paris, and the Sensation he made.—­His Reception by the Court.—­Viotti’s Personal Pride and Dignity.—­His Rebuke to Princely Impertinence.—­The Musical Circles of Paris.—­Viotti’s Last Public Concert in Paris.—­He suddenly departs for London.—­Becomes Director of the King’s Theatre.—­Is compelled to leave the Country as a Suspected Revolutionist.—­His Return to England, and Metamorphosis into a Vintner.—­The French Singer, Garat, finds him out in his London Obscurity.—­Anecdote of Viotti’s Dinner Party.—­He quits the Wine Trade for his own Profession.—­Is made Director of the Paris Grand Opera.—­Letter from Rossini.—­Viotti’s Account of the “Ranz des Vaches.”—­Anecdotes of the Great Violinist.—­Dies in London in 1824.—­Viotti’s Place as a Violinist, and Style of Playing.—­The Tourte Bow first invented during his Time.—­An Indispensable Factor in Great Playing on the Violin.—­Viotti’s Pupils, and his Influence on the Musical Art.


Birth and Early Life of the Violinist Spohr.—­He is presented with his First Violin at six.—­The French Emigre Dufour uses his Influence with Dr. Spohr, Sr., to have the Boy devoted to a Musical Career.—­Goes to Brunswick for fuller Musical Instruction.—­Spohr is appointed Kammer-musicus at the Ducal Court.—­He enters under the Tuition of and makes a Tour with the Violin Virtuoso Eck.—­Incidents of the Russian Journey and his Return.—­Concert Tour in Germany.—­Loses his Fine Guarnerius Violin.—­Is appointed Director of the Orchestra at Gotha.—­He marries Dorette Schiedler, the Brilliant Harpist.—­Spohr’s Stratagem to be present at the Erfurt Musical Celebration given by Napoleon in Honor of the Allied Sovereigns.—­Becomes Director of Opera in Vienna.—­Incidents of his Life and Production of Various Works.—­First Visit to England.—­He is made Director of the Cassel Court Oratorios.—­He is retired with a Pension.—­Closing Years of his Life.—­His Place as Composer and Executant.


The Birth of the Greatest of Violinists.—­His Mother’s Dream.—­Extraordinary Character and Genius.—­Heine’s Description of his Playing.—­Leigh Hunt on Paganini.—­Superstitious Rumors current during his Life.—­He is believed to be a Demoniac.—­His Strange Appearance.—­Early Training and Surroundings.—­Anecdotes of his Youth.—­Paga-nini’s Youthful Dissipations.—­His Passion for Gambling.—­He acquires his Wonderful Guarnerius Violin.—­His Reform from the Gaming-table.—­Indefatigable Practice and Work as a Young Artist.—­Paganini as a Preux Chevalier.—­His Powerful Attraction for

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