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  (London, Hackluyt Society, MDCCCLIX).
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Occasion and object of the present work.

In writing my biography of Tasman, forming part of Messrs. Frederik Muller and Co.’s edition of the Journal of Tasman’s celebrated voyage of discovery of 1642-1643, I was time and again struck by the fact that the part borne by the Netherlanders in the discovery of the continent of Australia is very insufficiently known to the Dutch themselves, and altogether misunderstood or even ignored abroad.  Not only those who with hypercritical eyes scrutinise, and with more or less scepticism as to its value, analyse whatever evidence on this point is submitted to them, but those others also who feel a profound and sympathetic interest in the historical study of the remarkable voyages which the Netherlanders undertook to the South-land, are almost invariably quite insufficiently informed concerning them.  This fact is constantly brought home to the student who consults the more recent works published on the subject, and who fondly hopes to get light from such authors as Calvert, COLLINGRIDGE, NORDENSKIOLD, RAINAUD and others.  Such at least has time after time been my own case.  Is it wonderful, therefore, that, while I was engaged in writing Tasman’s life, the idea occurred to me of republishing the documents relating to this subject, preserved in the State Archives at the Hague—­the repository of the archives of the famous General Dutch

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