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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 186 pages of information about The Part Borne by the Dutch in the Discovery of Australia 1606-1765.

[Map No. 12.  Opschrift op den schotel, door Willem De Vlamingh op het Zuidland achtergelaten (Inscription on the dish, left by Willem De Vlamingh at the Southland), 1697.]

{Page 85}

And since it is our intention, in order to let Your Worships have the more information and satisfaction touching this voyage, to dispatch to the Netherlands again in the last return-ships sailing from here, the ex-leader of the expedition, Skipper Willem de Vlaming Senior, together with his upper-steersman Michiel Blom, they having not yet returned from Bengal with their ships Geelvinck and Nijptang, but being expected every day, therefore we shall not trouble Your Worships with further particulars, but would beg leave to refer you to their verbal reports for ampler information touching their experiences in the said expedition...

In the Castle of Batavia, on the last day of November, 1697.


Journal kept by Skipper WILLEM DE VLAMINGH on his voyage with the ships de Geelvinck, Nijptang and T’Weseltje via Trestan da Cunha, the Cape, the islands of Peter and Paul, and the South-land to Batavia, begun on May 3, 1696, and ended March 20, 1697. [*]

[* This is the only journal of this voyage that I have found in the Old Colonial Archives at the Hague.  I have not printed it here—­so far as the South-land is concerned, it wil be found printed in LEUPE, Zuidland, pp. 153-184—­for two reasons:  1st because it differs only slightly from a journal of the voyage printed in 1701, of which MAJOR, Terra Australis, pp 120-133 gives a translation; and 2nd, because the two charts immediately following in the text (Nos. 13 and 14) give an excellent survey of the results of this voyage of discovery.]

{Page 86}


Chart of the South-land, made and surveyed by Willem De Vlamingh in 1696-1697. [*]

[* This chart was not made on the voyage, but is the work of ISAAC DE GRAAFF, cartographer to the E.I.C. from 1690 to 1714.]

[Map No. 13.  Kaart van het Zuidland, bezeild door Willem De Vlamingh in 1696-1697 door ISAAC DE GRAAFF (Chart of the South-land, made and surveyed by Willem De Vlamingh in 1696-1697)]

{Page 87}


Chart of the Malay Archipelago, the north- and west-coasts of Australia, etc. [*]

[* This chart is likewise the work of ISAAC DE GRAAFF (1690-1714).  It gives a survey of the results of De Vlamingh’s voyage, and may also do duty as a general record of the Dutch discoveries on the north- and west-coast of Australia in the 17th century.  The dotted (uncertain) line on the N.W. coast is supplemented by the chart of Van der Wall’s discovery in 1678 (No. 11).]

(See folding Chart, marked No. 14.)

[Map No. 14.  Uitslaande kaart van den Maleischen Archipel, de Noord- en West-kusten van Australie door ISAAC DE GRAAFF (Folding chart of the Malay Archipelago, the North- and West-coast of Australia) 1690-1714]

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