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He rattled them owre till weel on fowre
An’ the cock gae signs o’ life,
On ilka ill he spak’ his fill-
But nane o’ them pleased the wife.

“Wi’ siccan a ch’ice ye’re unco nice! 
Hoots! came awa woman!” says Death,
“Gin ye canna wale ane o’ the fancy kin’s,
What think ye o’ ‘Want o’ breath?’”

Noo, Faith! the auld jade was a humoursome taed,
As an auld wife weel can be,
An’ she leugh sae sair at his fleechin’ air
It fairly gar’t her dee!

Wi’ a gey teuch sinon in your neck
Ye’ll lang keep clear o’ skaith,
But the craftiest carle in a’ the warl’,
An’ the kin’liest whiles, is Death.


A acquaint, acquainted. ae, one. aff, off. afore, before. a’gate, everywhere. ain, own. aince, once. ang-bang-pang, embonpoint. argy-bargy, argument. attour, out, over. auld, old. ava’, at all. awa’, away; fair awa’ wi’ it, fairly done for. awyte, an affirmative exclamation. ayont, beyond.

B Ba’, ball; to get on the ba’, to go on a jollification, to get drunk. bade, stayed. bairnie, child. baith, both. bane-doctorin’, bone-setting. banned, cursed. barley-bree, whisky. bathered, bothered. bauchles, old shoes, slippers. bedfast, bed-ridden. beelin’, suppurating. beerit, buried. besom, broom; a woman of loose character. bide, stay. biggin’, building. biled, boiled. billy, fellow. birled, moved quickly. birr, vigour, force. birse, bristle; to get one’s birse set up, to get in a rage. bit, at the bit, at the finish. bleeze, blaze, fire. blude, blood. body, person; beast or body, beast or man. bogie-roll, Irish twist tobacco. bonnet-laird, small proprietor. braw, beautiful. breeks, breeches. brithers, brothers. brizzin’, pressing. brose, oatmeal mixed with water. bubbly-jock, turkey.  Buchan, Buchan’s “Domestic Medicine.” bude, behoved. buits, boots. bullerin’, roaring. buskit, dressed. but-an-ben, two-roomed cottage. byordnar, extraordinary.

C ca’, call; work. cahoochy, india-rubber. cankert, ill-natured. canny-like, gently. carle, old man. chappit, struck. cheeky-on, sideways. cheenge, change. cheep, whisper, faint noise. chiel, fellow. chowed, chewed. clachan, hamlet. claes, clothes. clarty, dirty. cloot, mend, patch. clour, dint caused by a blow. cockernony, woman’s hair twisted up. cod, pillow. coorse, coarse. crack, talk. craigie, throat. crambo-clink, rhyme, doggerel. crap, crop. cratur, creature. creishy, fat. crockaneetion, smithereens, bits. croochin’, crouching. cry, bear (a child). cryin’, accouchement. cuits, shins. cutty, pipe.

D daddin’, knocking. dae, do. dandrin’, sauntering. dang, broke, driven. darkenin’, darkness. daur, dare.  Daylicht has mony een, daylight reveals many things, explains mysteries. deaved, deafened. dee, die. deevil, deil, the Devil. deid, dead. deleerit, delirious. denners, dinners. devauled, ceased. dichtit, wiped. dingin’, dingin’ on, falling. dinna, do not. dirk, dagger.

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