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HISTORY OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, from the Revolution to the Civil War.  By JOHN BACH MCMASTER.  To be completed in five volumes.  Vols.  I, II, and III now ready. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, $2.50 each.

[Illustration:  JOHN BACH MCMASTER.]

In the course of this narrative much is written of wars, conspiracies, and rebellions; of Presidents, of Congresses, of embassies, of treaties, of the ambition of political leaders, and of the rise of great parties in the nation.  Yet the history of the people is the chief theme.  At every stage of the splendid progress which separates the America of Washington and Adams from the America in which we live, it has been the author’s purpose to describe the dress, the occupations, the amusements, the literary canons of the times; to note the changes of manners and morals; to trace the growth of that humane spirit which abolished punishment for debt, and reformed the discipline of prisons and of jails; to recount the manifold improvements which, in a thousand ways, have multiplied the conveniences of life and ministered to the happiness of our race; to describe the rise and progress of that long series of mechanical inventions and discoveries which is now the admiration of the world, and our just pride and boast; to tell how, under the benign influence of liberty and peace, there sprang up, in the course of a single century, a prosperity unparalleled in the annals of human affairs.

“The pledge given by Mr. McMaster, that ’the history of the people shall be the chief theme,’ is punctiliously and satisfactorily fulfilled.  He carries out his promise in a complete, vivid, and delightful way.  We should add that the literary execution of the work is worthy of the indefatigable industry and unceasing vigilance with which the stores of historical material have been accumulated, weighed, and sifted.  The cardinal qualities of style, lucidity, animation, and energy, are everywhere present.  Seldom indeed has a book in which matter of substantial value has been so happily united to attractiveness of form been offered by an American author to his fellow-citizens.”—­New York Sun.
“To recount the marvelous progress of the American people, to describe their life, their literature, their occupations, their amusements, is Mr. McMaster’s object.  His theme is an important one, and we congratulate him on his success.  It has rarely been our province to notice a book with so many excellences and so few defects.”—­New York Herald.

  “Mr. McMaster at once shows his grasp of the various themes and his
  special capacity as a historian of the people.  His aim is high, but
  he hits the mark.”—­New York Journal of Commerce.

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