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in rank, station, and experience to himself.”  No more fitting close to this sketch of his life can be given than to quote the words of his friend, General Wilson:  “He has bequeathed to his country a name pure and unspotted—­a name than which the republic has few indeed that shine with a brighter luster, and a name that will go down to future generations with those of the greatest captains of the nineteenth century.”


Abadie, Captain, Louisiana volunteers, 101.

Aberdeen, Lord, British Minister, 151.

Abraham, negro, Indian interpreter, 74.

Adams, George, Lieutenant, 253.

Adams, John Quincy, ex-President, 153.

Adams, the British vessel, captured, 13.

Allen, Captain, 17.

Alvarez, Mexican General, 219, 221, 231.

Amatha, Charley, 79.

American forces surrender to General Sheaffe, 18.

Ampudia, Pedro de, Mexican General, surrenders, 155, 156.

Anaya, Don Pedro Maria, General, elected President of Mexico, 257.

Andrews, Timothy P., Colonel, 226.

Anderson, Robert, General, 135, 322, 326.

Anecdote of Colonel Scott and a Roman Catholic priest, 19.

Armistice violated; General Scott’s letter to President of Mexican
  Republic, 218.

Arnold, Ripley A., Lieutenant, attacked by Indians, 115.

Arista, Mariano, Mexican General, 155.

Arthur, President, 326.

Assiola, Indian Chief, 88.

Atkinson, T.P., letter from General Scott to, 153.

Atristain, Senor, 216, 257.

Azapotzalco, the place of meeting of the commissioners, 216.

Baker, D.D., Lieutenant, 253.

Baker, Edward D., Colonel, killed at Ball’s Bluff, 317.

Bankhead, James, Colonel, 112.

Barcelona, the steamer, 146.

Barker, Captain, 16.

Barr, Captain, Louisiana volunteers, 101.

Barragan, Pena y, 221.

Barren, Major, 109.

Basinger, William E., Lieutenant, 88.

Battle on the Ouithlacoochee, 90-92.

Beall, Benjamin Lloyd, Major, 172.

Beard, Joseph, Major, 95.

Beauregard, P.T., Lieutenant, 203.

Beckwith, J.C., letter to, from General Scott, 154.

Belknap, William G., 281.

Benton, Thomas H., 159.

Biddle, Richard, speech in Congress, 124-127.

Binney, Horace, letter to General Scott, 304.

Black Hawk War, the, 52, 55.

Blockade of Southern ports, 296, 297.

Board of Army Officers, 47.

Boerstler, Charles G., Colonel, 27.

Bolton, Commodore, 97.

Bones, George, Captain, 110.

Botts, Benjamin, 5.

Boyd, John Parker, General, attack on Fort Niagara, 24.

Brady, Hugh, Major, 33;
  sketch of, 39.

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