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[5] Joseph Pitts, A.D. 1680, says:  “Mecca is surrounded for several
    miles with many thousands of little hills which are very near to
    one another.  They are all stony-rock, and blackish, and pretty
    near of a bigness, appearing at a distance like cocks of hay,
    but all pointing towards Mecca.”

[6] Burton says the black stone is volcanic, but is thought by some
    to be a meteorite or aerolite.  Burckhardt thought it composed of
    lava.  Of its appearance Ali Bey says:  “It is a block of volcanic
    basalt, whose circumference is sprinkled with little crystals,
    with rhombs of tile-red feldspath on a dark background like
    velvet or charcoal.”

[7] By the latest statistics the number of Mohammedans now scattered
    throughout Asia, Africa, and the south-eastern part of Europe
    amounts to some 176,834,372.

[8] Moslems assert that upon this night Mohammed was carried through
    the seven heavens of which El Islam tells.

[9] The initial “A” is placed at the top of all Arabian writings.  It
    is the initial of “Allah” and the first letter of the alphabet,
    and is symbolic of the origin of creation.

[10] Burton gives seven hundred.

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Obvious printing errors were repaired; these changes are listed below.

Title Page Original text:  Elgin, Ill,
               Correction:  Elgin, Ill.,

               Original text:  David C Cook
               Correction:  David C. Cook

Chapter V Original text:  may know thee as we should.’”
               Correction:  may know thee as we should.”

Chapter VI Original text:  This hullucination
               Correction:  This hallucination

               Original text:  McLellan, Psychology
               Correction:  McLellan, Psychology.

               Original text:  See page 23
               Correction:  See page 23.

               Original text:  called ’El Amin”
               Correction:  called ‘El Amin’

Chapter VII Original text:  be poured on my defenseless and
               Correction:  be poured on my defenceless and

Chapter IX Original text:  Death is the end of life
               Correction:  “Death is the end of life

               Original text:  “Ikh!  “Ikh!”
               Correction:  “Ikh!  Ikh!”

Chapter XIV Original text:  He forebore to thrust
               Correction:  He forbore to thrust

Chapter XVI Original text:  For this I am thankful. 
               Correction:  For this I am thankful,

Chapter XVII Original text:  giving him a shake. “what
               Correction:  giving him a shake, “what

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