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Anna may Wilson.

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Elgin, Ill., and 36 Washington St., Chicago. 
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In “The Days of Mohammed,” one aim of the author has been to bring out the fact that it is possible to begin the heaven-life on earth.  It is hoped that a few helpful thoughts as to the means of attaining this life may be exemplified in the career of the various characters depicted.

An attempt has been made, by constant reference to the best works on Mohammed and Arabia, to render the historical basis strictly correct.  Especial indebtedness is acknowledged to the writings of Irving, Burton, and the Rev. Geo. Bush; also to the travels of Burckhardt, Joseph Pitts, Ludovico Bartema and Giovanni Finati, each of whom undertook a pilgrimage to the cities of Medina and Mecca; also to the excellent synopsis of the life and times of Mohammed as given by Prof.  Max Mueller in the introduction to Palmer’s translation of the Koran.

As the tiny pebble cast into the water sends its circling wavelets to the distant shore, so this little book is cast forth upon the world, in the hope that it may exert some influence in bringing hope and comfort to some weary heart, and that, in helping someone to attain a clearer conception of Divine love and companionship, it may, if in never so insignificant a degree, perhaps help on to that time when all shall

    “Trust the Hand of Light will lead the people,
    Till the thunders pass, the spectres vanish,
    And the Light is Victor, and the darkness
    Dawns into the Jubilee of the Ages.”


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