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[31] Like all generalisation dealing with complex matters, this must be qualified by individual exceptions.  For example, men who have made fortunes for themselves, and have added to the world’s stock, by work in the gold-fields, have been in many cases labourers, directing their own efforts by their own intelligence.  But some men have been exceptional in one or other of two ways—­either in propinquity to the scene of action, or (and this is the more common case) in handihood, determination, and courage.  It is not every one who has it in him to go in search of gold to Alaska.


Ability, and labour defined, 19;
  labour as opposed to, 29;
  capital as the implement of, 32;
  a name for the directive faculties, 33;
  value of directive, 68;
  monopoly of business, 89, 93;
  and individual motive, 110;
  modern socialists’ recognition of products due to, 191;
  rent of business, 191, 194

Abstract justice, interest and, 204, 206, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216, 218,
  220, 222, 224, 226

Activity, two kinds represented by two groups of, 28;
  military distinct from industrial, 121

Agriculture, Mill on nature in, 181;
  and rent, 192

Allen, Grant, The Woman Who Did, 147

Arkwright, the inventor of the spinning-frame, 83, 197

Artist, the case of an, 115

Bastiat, his plane, 213, 214

Bellamy, Looking Backward, 92;
  his description of a socialistic Utopia, 92;
  his argument, 105

Bessemer, 197, 220

Boy messengers, 80

Bradlaugh, Charles, 85

Brazil, Rossi fails to found a socialistic colony in, 141

Brigand chief, his justification, 206

Capital, is labour in an externalised and permanent form, 14;
  is past labour crystallised, 14, 20;
  as the implement of ability, 32;
  fixed and circulating, 35;
  the primary function of, 40;
  its interest described by George as the gift of nature, 212

Capitalism (a comparatively modern phenomenon), causes of its
  accelerated development, 2;
  as a working system, 3;
  essence of modern, 14;
  and wages, 16;
  state and private, 62, 71;
  economics of:  the “economic man” and economic science, 123, 124

Cause and effect, 185

Cellini, Benvenuto, 24

Christian socialism as a substitute for secular democracy,
  see Democracy; the message of, 153;
  its view of the steel-kings and the oil-kings, 153, 158, 160;
  its preaching a species of ecclesiastical electioneering, 156;
  and the faculty of invention, 159;
  abolishes competition, 160;
  on the moral conversion of able men, 160

Christian Socialist, The, 150

Christian socialists, are simply secular socialists of the more modern
  and educated type, 163;
  their temperamental deficiency finds its fullest expression in
  socialism, 172

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