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The areas covered by the different class and phratry names are not co-extensive, that is to say a class is associated with more than one phratry and vice versa.  The Undekerebina[98] and Yelyuyendi[99] have phratries (No. 29) which are usually associated with classes but in their case none have been noted.  On the other hand it is not uncommon to find classes without the corresponding phratry names; this is the case in the eight class area, among the tribes of N.S.  Wales, S. Queensland, etc.; but no special significance attaches to it unless we are certain that it is not the negligence of the observer nor the disuse of the names which has produced this state of things.  On the other hand the relation of phratry and class areas is of the highest importance, as is shown in Chapter V. The following table shows the anomalies: 

Tribe                 Phratry     Class
Wiradjeri                             21            I
Euahlayi                              22            I
Ngeumba, Wonghi                       23, or 24     I
Murawari                              25            I
Kiabara, etc.                         20            III
Dippil                                26            III
Kuinmurbura, Kongulu                  27            IV
Yuipera, Badieri, Yambeena, etc.      27            V
Kogai, Wakelbura, etc.                28            V
Woonamura, Mittakoodi, Miorli, etc.   29            V
Purgoma                               30            V
Jouon                                 32            V
Miappe                                29            VIII
Kalkadoon                             28            VIII


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The Phratriac Areas.  Borrowing of Names.  Their Meanings.  Antiquity of
     Phratry Names.  Eaglehawk Myths.  Racial Conflicts. 
     Intercommunication.  Tribal Migrations.

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