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    Sound the Assembly!  Blow, Buglemen, blow! 
      For England has need of her bravest to-day. 
    Sound! and the World Universal will know
      We shall fight to a finish, in front or at bay. 
    Sound the Assembly!  They’ll hear it, and spring
      To the saddle, and gallop wherever they’re led. 
    Sound!  Every city and village will ring
      With the shout “To the front!” It shall never be said—­

    That an Englishman’s heart ever failed in its glow
    For Queen, or for country, when threatened by foe,
    For Liberty, stabbed by oppression and woe,
    So, Sound the Assembly!  Blow!  Buglemen, blow! 
        Sound the Assembly!

    Sound the Assembly!  You’ll see, as of yore,
      The Service united in heart and in head,
    When blue-jackets leap from their ships to the shore
      To bring up the guns for their comrades in red! 
    Sound the Assembly!  Our Naval Brigade
      Will prove they are sailors and soldiers as well;
    They will pull, they will haul, they will march, they will wade,
      And dash into furnaces hotter than hell!

    A long pull, a strong pull, a cheery “Yo! ho!”
    Do you see that big mountain?  ’Tis Jack who will know
    To be first at the top, when, by gad! he will crow! 
    So, Sound the Assembly!  Blow, Buglemen, blow! 
        Sound the Assembly!

    Sound the Assembly!  Brave Union Jack! 
      You have floated triumphant on sea and on shore;
    Old England and Scotland are still back to back,
      And Ireland, God bless her! is with us once more. 
    Sound the Assembly!  Come!  Forward!  Quick march! 
      What!  Feather-bed soldiers?  Bah! give them the lie. 
    Divested by war of Society starch
      They will shout “’Tis a glorious death to die!”—­

    What land in the world could produce such a show
    Of heroes, who face both siroccos and snow,
    Rush madly to danger, and never lie low? 
    So, Sound the Assembly!  Blow, Buglemen, blow! 
        Sound the Assembly!

    Sound the Assembly!  Form, citizens, form! 
      From smoke of the city, from country so green,
    A horse of irregulars sweeps like a storm
      To defend with their lives their dear country and Queen! 
    Sound the Assembly!  Come!  Volunteers, come! 
      Leave oldsters at grinding and tilling the sod! 
    Bold Yoemen, enrolled for defence of their home,
      Enlist with a cheer for the Empire, thank God!—­

    To the front! to the front! with their faces aglow,
    They will march, the dear lads, with a pulse and a go;
    Wave flags o’er the Workman, the Johnnie, the Beau,
    So, Sound the Assembly!  Blow, Buglemen, blow! 
        Sound the Assembly!


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