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Raphael, Ansidei Madonna, 46, 133;
  Madonna of St. Anthony, 47;
  Baldacchino Madonna, 47;
  Madonna of the Casa Alba, 99;
  the Chair Madonna, 134;
  the Colonna Madonna, 133;
  the Conestabile Madonna, 133;
  Madonna of the Diadem, 147;
  Foligno Madonna, 82-85;
  Granduca Madonna, 29;
  Madonna of the Goldfinch, 93, 97, 98;
  Holy Family of Francis I., 133;
  Holy Family of the Lamb, 100, 105;
  Madonna dell’ Impannata, 125;
  Belle Jardiniere, 93, 97, 98;
  Madonna in the Meadow, 93, 97, 98, 99, 104;
  Orleans Madonna, 126, 133;
  Sistine Madonna, 85, 204, 208;
  Tempi Madonna, 30, 133.

Rembrandt, Le Menage du Menuisier in the Louvre, 127;
  in St. Petersburg, 127;
  Madonna in the Munich Gallery, 127-128.

Reni, Guido, Madonna, 147.

Robbia, Andrea della, Popular tabernacle, 164;
  Nativity, 167.

Robbia, Giovanni, Son of Andrea, 162.

Robbia, Girolamo della, Son of Andrea, 162.

Robbia, Luca della, Founder of his school, 162.

Robbia, Luca della, II., Son of Andrea, 162.

Romano, Giulio, Madonna della Catina, 125;
  his work on the Madonna dell’ Impannata, 125;
  Madonna in a Bedchamber, 125.

Rossellino, Antonio, Nativity in San Miniato, 167.

Rubens, Holy Families, 149.

Salimbeni, Holy Family, 126.

Sarto, Andrea del, Madonna di San Francesco, 42;
  Madonna in the Berlin Gallery, 69.

Sassoferrato, Madonna in Vatican Gallery, 89;
  Madonna with Sleeping Child, 148.

Savoldo, Madonna in the Brera, 79.

Schongauer, Madonna in Munich, 60;
  Holy Family, 121-123.

Siena, Guido da, Madonna, 38.

Signorelli, Nativity in the National Gallery, 172.

Sodoma, Madonna in the Brera, 104 (note).

Solario, Madonna of the Green Cushion, 146.

Lo Spagna, Madonna once attributed to, 73.

Spanish School, Madonna in the Dresden Gallery, 89.

Tintoretto, Madonna in the Berlin Gallery, 89.

Titian, Vierge au Lapin, 115 (note), 142;
  Madonna of the Cherries, 141 (note);
  Madonnas and Saints at Dresden, 141 (note);
  Madonna with Sts.  Ulfo and Brigida, 142;
  Madonna with Roses, 142;
  Madonna and Saints, 145;
  Pesaro Madonna, 56.

Titian, School of, Madonna in Berlin, 177.

Umbrian School, Madonna by, in the National Gallery, 73-74.

Veronese, Madonna in the Venice Academy, 56.

Vinci, Leonardo da, Madonna of the Rocks, 100-104.

Vivarini, Bartolommeo, Madonnas, 178.

Vivarini, Luigi, Madonna in the Church of the Redentore, 178.

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