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Giorgione Madonna of Castelfranco Frontispiece
              Parish Church, Castelfranco.

Jacopo Bellini Madonna and Child
              Venice Academy.

Gabriel Max Madonna and Child

Perugino Madonna and Saints (Detail.)
              Vatican Gallery, Rome.

Giovanni Bellini Madonna of San Zaccaria. (Detail.)
              Church of San Zaccaria, Venice.

Veronese Madonna and Saints
              Venice Academy.

Quentin Massys Madonna and Child
              Berlin Gallery.

Fra Angelico Madonna della Stella
              Monastery of San Marco, Florence.

Umbrian school Glorification of the Virgin
              National Gallery, London.

MORETTO Madonna in Glory
              Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Verona.

SPANISH SCHOOL Madonna on the Crescent Moon
                   Dresden Gallery.

BOUGUEREAU Madonna of the Angels

RAPHAEL Madonna in the Meadow
                   Belvedere Gallery, Vienna.

LEONARDO DA VINCI Madonna of the Rocks
                   National Gallery, London.

PALMA VECCHIO Santa Conversazione
                   Belvedere Gallery, Vienna.

FILIPPINO LIPPI Madonna in a Rose Garden
                   Pitti Gallery, Florence.

                   Belvedere Gallery, Vienna.

RAPHAEL Madonna dell’ Impannata
                   Pitti Gallery, Florence.

CORREGGIO Madonna della Scala
                   Parma Gallery.

TITIAN Madonna and Saints. (Detail.)
                   Belvedere Gallery, Vienna.

DUeRER Madonna and Child
                   Belvedere Gallery, Vienna.

BODENHAUSEN Madonna and Child
                   Private Gallery, Washington, D.C.

ANDREA DELLA ROBBIA Madonna in Adoration
                   National Museum, Florence.

                   Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

FILIPPO LIPPI Madonna in Adoration
                   Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

LUIGI VIVARINI Madonna and Child 179
                        Church of the Redentore, Venice.

GIOVANNI BELLINI Madonna between St. George and St. Paul. 
                        Venice Academy.

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