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“Yes!  Wasn’t it lots of fun?”

“Indeed it was!” Raggedy Ann agreed.

“Raggedy Andy wanted to let the arm remain off until the next morning, but I decided it would be better to have it sewed on, just as it had been when Mistress put us to bed.  So, just like tonight, we went to the pincushion and found a needle and thread and I sewed it on for him!”

“There!” Raggedy Ann said, as she wound the thread around her hand and pulled, so that the thread broke near Raggedy Andy’s shoulder.  “It’s sewed on again, good as new!”

“Thank you, Raggedy Ann!” said Raggedy Andy, as he threw the arm about Raggedy Ann’s neck and gave her a hug.

“Now we can have another game!” Uncle Clem cried as he helped Raggedy Andy into his waist and buttoned it for him.

Just then the little Cuckoo Clock on the nursery wall went, “Whirrr!” the little door opened, and the little bird put out his head and cried, “Cuckoo! cuckoo! cuckoo! cuckoo!”

“No more games!” Raggedy Ann said.  “We must be very quiet from now on.  The folks will be getting up soon!”

“Last one in bed is a monkey!” cried Raggedy Andy.

There was a wild scramble as the dolls rushed for their beds, and Susan, having to be careful of her cracked head, was the monkey.  So Raggedy Andy, seeing that Susan was slow about getting into her bed, jumped out and helped her.

Then, climbing into the little bed which Uncle Clem shared with him, he pulled the covers up to his eyes and, after pretending to snore a couple of times, he lay very quiet, thinking of the kindness of his doll friends about him, until Marcella came and took him down to breakfast.

And all the other dolls smiled at him as he left the room, for they were very happy to know that their little mistress loved him as much as they did.

[Illustration:  Watching the cuckoo clock]

[Illustration:  Friends]

[Illustration:  Raggedy Andy in the sugar]


“I know how we can have a whole lot of fun!” Raggedy Andy said to the other dolls.  “We’ll have a taffy pull!”

“Do you mean crack the whip, Raggedy Andy?” asked the French doll.

“He means a tug of war, don’t you, Raggedy Andy?” asked Henny.

“No,” Raggedy Andy replied, “I mean a taffy pull!”

“If it’s lots of fun, then show us how to play the game!” Uncle Clem said.  “We like to have fun, don’t we?” And Uncle Clem turned to all the other dolls as he asked the question.

“It really is not a game,” Raggedy Andy explained.  “You see, it is only a taffy pull.

“We take sugar and water and butter and a little vinegar and put it all on the stove to cook.  When it has cooked until it strings ’way out when you dip some up in a spoon, or gets hard when you drop some of it in a cup of water, then it is candy.

“Then it must be placed upon buttered plates until it has cooled a little, and then each one takes some of the candy and pulls and pulls until it gets real white.  Then it is called ’Taffy’.”

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