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Henny did not see the pillow coming towards him so he was knocked head over heels.

Henny always said “Mama” when he was tilted backward or forward, and when the pillow rolled him over and over, he cried, “Mama, Mama, Mama!”

It was not because it hurt him, for you know Santa Claus always sees to it that each doll he makes in his great workshop is covered with a very magical Wish, and this Wish always keeps them from getting hurt.

Henny could talk just as well as any of the other dolls when he was standing up, sitting, or lying down, but if he was being tipped forward and backward, all he could say was, “Mama.”

This amused Henny as much as it did the other dolls, so when he jumped to his feet he laughed and threw the pillow back at Raggedy Andy.

Raggedy Andy tried to jump to one side, but forgot that he was on the bed, and he and Uncle Clem went tumbling to the floor.

Then all the dolls ran to their beds and brought their pillows and had the jolliest pillow fight imaginable.

The excitement ran so high and the pillows flew so fast, the floor of the nursery was soon covered with feathers.  It was only when all the dolls had stopped to rest and put the feathers back into the pillow cases that Raggedy Andy discovered he had lost one of his arms in the scuffle.

The dolls were worried over this and asked, “What will Marcella say when she sees that Raggedy Andy has lost an arm?”

“We can push it up his sleeve!” said Uncle Clem.  “Then when Raggedy Andy is taken out of bed in the morning, Marcella will find his arm is loose!”

“It has been hanging by one or two threads for a day or more!” said Raggedy Andy.  “I noticed the other day that sometimes my thumb was turned clear around to the back, and I knew then that the arm was hanging by one or two threads and the threads were twisted.”

Uncle Clem pushed Raggedy Andy’s arm up through his sleeve, but every time Raggedy Andy jumped about, he lost his arm again.

“This will never do!” said Raggedy Ann.  “Raggedy Andy is lopsided with only one arm and he cannot join in our games as well as if he had two arms!”

[Illustration:  Pillow fight]

“Oh, I don’t mind that!” laughed Raggedy Andy.  “Marcella will sew it on in the morning and I will be all right, I’m sure!”

“Perhaps Raggedy Ann can sew it on now!” suggested Uncle Clem.

“Yes, Raggedy Ann can sew it on!” all the dolls cried.  “She can play Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater on the toy piano and she can sew!”

“I will gladly try,” said Raggedy Ann, “but there are no needles or thread in the nursery, and I have to have a thimble so the needle can be pressed through Raggedy Andy’s cloth!”

“Marcella always gets a needle from Mama!” said the French Doll.

“I know,” said Raggedy Ann, “but we cannot waken Mama to ask her!”

The dolls all laughed at this, for they knew very well that even had Mama been awake, they would not have asked her for needle and thread, because they did not wish her to know they could act and talk just like real people.

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