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[Illustration:  Shaking hands]

“I am very happy to know you all!” he said, in a voice as kindly as Raggedy Ann’s, “and I hope we will all like each other as much as Raggedy Ann and I have always liked each other!”

“Oh, indeed we shall!” the dollies all answered.  “We love Raggedy Ann because she is so kindly and happy, and we know we shall like you too, for you talk like Raggedy Ann and have the same cheery smile!”

“Now that we know each other so well, what do you say to a game, Uncle Clem?” Raggedy Andy cried, as he caught Uncle Clem and danced about the floor.

Henny, the Dutch doll, dragged the little square music box out into the center of the room and wound it up.  Then all, catching hands, danced in a circle around it, laughing and shouting in their tiny doll voices.

“That was lots of fun!” Raggedy Andy said, when the music stopped and all the dolls had taken seats upon the floor facing him.  “You know I have been shut up in a trunk up in an attic for years and years and years.”

“Wasn’t it very lonesome in the trunk all that time?” Susan asked in her queer little cracked voice.  You see, her head had been cracked.

“Oh, not at all,” Raggedy Andy replied, “for there was always a nest of mice down in the corner of the trunk.  Cute little Mama and Daddy mice, and lots of little teeny weeny baby mice.  And when the mama and daddy mice were away, I used to cuddle the tiny little baby mice!”

“No wonder you were never lonesome!” said Uncle Clem, who was very kind and loved everybody and everything.

“No, I was never lonesome in the old trunk in the attic, but it is far more pleasant to be out again and living here with all you nice friends!” said Raggedy Andy.

And all the dolls thought so too, for already they loved Raggedy Andy’s happy smile and knew he would prove to be as kindly and lovable as Raggedy Ann.

[Illustration:  Raggedy Andy and a mouse]

[Illustration:  Raggedy Andy in bed]

[Illustration:  Raggedy Andy throws a pillow]


One night, after all the household had settled down to sleep, Raggedy
Andy sat up in bed and tickled Uncle Clem.

Uncle Clem twisted and wiggled in his sleep until finally he could stand it no longer and awakened.

“I dreamed that some one told me the funniest story!” said Uncle Clem; “But I cannot remember what it was!”

“I was tickling you!” laughed Raggedy Andy.

When the other dolls in the nursery heard Raggedy Andy and Uncle Clem talking, they too sat up in their beds.

“We’ve been so quiet all day,” said Raggedy Andy.  “Let’s have a good romp!”

This suggestion suited all the dolls, so they jumped out of their beds and ran over towards Raggedy Andy’s and Uncle Clem’s little bed.

Raggedy Andy, always in for fun, threw his pillow at Henny, the Dutch doll.

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