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When he started rolling upon his shiny wheels, Raggedy Andy cried, “All aboard!” and, taking a short run, he leaped upon the wooden horse’s back.  Uncle Clem, Raggedy Ann, Henny, the Dutch doll and Susan, the doll without a head, all scrambled up into the pretty red wagon.

The wooden horse thought this was great fun and round and round the nursery he circled.  His shiny wheels and the pretty yellow wheels of the red wagon creaked so loudly none of the dolls heard the cries of the tiny penny dolls who were too small to climb aboard.  Finally, as the wagon load of dolls passed the penny dolls, Raggedy Andy noticed the two little midgets standing together and missing the fun; so, leaning ’way over to one side as the horse swept by them, Raggedy Andy caught both the penny dolls in his strong rag arms and lifted them to a seat upon the broad back of the wooden horse.

“Hooray!” cried all the dolls when they saw Raggedy Andy’s feat.  “It was just like a Wild West Show!”

“We must all have all the fun we can together!” said Raggedy Andy.

“Good for you!” cried Uncle Clem.  “The more fun we can give each other, the more fun each one of us will have!”

[Illustration:  The wooden horse pulls a cart]

[Illustration:  Raggedy Andy and the penny dolls went clear over his head]

The wooden horse made the circle of the nursery a great many times, for it pleased him very much to hear the gay laughter of the dolls and he thought to himself, “How happy I will be, living with such a jolly crowd.”

But just as he was about to pass the door, there was a noise upon the stairs and the wooden horse, hearing it, stopped so suddenly Raggedy Andy and the penny dolls went clear over his head and the dolls in the front of the wagon took Raggedy Andy’s seat upon the horse’s back.

They lay just as they fell, for they did not wish anyone to suspect that they could move or talk.

“Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  I knew you were having a lot of fun!” cried a cheery voice.

At this, all the dolls immediately scrambled back into their former places, for they recognized the voice of the French dollie.

But what was their surprise to see her dressed in a lovely fairy costume, her lovely curls flying out behind, as she ran towards them.

Raggedy Andy was just about to climb upon the horse’s back again when the French doll leaped there herself and, balancing lightly upon one foot, stood in this position while the wooden horse rolled around the nursery as fast as he could go.

Raggedy Andy and the two penny dolls ran after the wagon and, with the assistance of Uncle Clem and Raggedy Ann, climbed up in back.

When the wooden horse finally stopped the dolls all said, “This is the most fun we have had for a long time!”

The wooden horse, a thrill of happiness running through his wooden body, cried, “It is the most fun I have ever had!”

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