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“That is too bad!” Henny, the Dutch doll, said.  “We shall miss Raggedy Andy’s cheery smile when he is looking straight at us!”

“You will have to stand on my right side, when you wish to see my smile!” said Raggedy Andy, with a cheery little chuckle ’way down in his soft cotton inside.

[Illustration:  Raggedy Andy’s lopsided smile]

[Illustration:  Santa]

“But I wish everyone to understand,” he went on, “that I am smiling just the same, whether you can see it or not!”

And with this, Raggedy Andy caught hold of Uncle Clem and Henny, and made a dash for the nursery door, followed by all the other dolls.

Raggedy Andy intended jumping down the stairs, head over heels, for he knew that neither he, Uncle Clem nor Henny would break anything by jumping down stairs.

But just as they got almost to the door, they dropped to the floor in a heap, for there, standing watching the whole performance, was a man.

All the dolls fell in different attitudes, for it would never do for them to let a real person see that they could act and talk just like real people.

Raggedy Andy, Uncle Clem and Henny stopped so suddenly they fell over each other and Raggedy Andy, being in the lead and pulling the other two, slid right through the door and stopped at the feet of the man.

A cheery laugh greeted this and a chubby hand reached down and picked up Raggedy Andy and turned him over.

Raggedy Andy looked up into a cheery little round face, with a little red nose and red cheeks, and all framed in white whiskers which looked just like snow.

Then the little round man walked into the nursery and picked up all the dolls and looked at them.  He made no noise when he walked, and this was why he had taken the dolls by surprise at the head of the stairs.

The little man with the snow-white whiskers placed all the dolls in a row and from a little case in his pocket he took a tiny bottle and a little brush.  He dipped the little brush in the tiny bottle and touched all the dolls’ faces with it.

He had purposely saved Raggedy Andy’s face until the last.  Then, as all the dolls watched, the cheery little white-whiskered man touched Raggedy Andy’s face with the magic liquid, and the orange juice stain disappeared, and in its place came Raggedy Andy’s rosy cheeks and cheery smile.

[Illustration:  Santa repairs Raggedy Andy]

And, turning Raggedy Andy so that he could face all the other dolls, the cheery little man showed him that all the other dolls had new rosy cheeks and newly-painted faces.  They all looked just like new dollies.  Even Susan’s cracked head had been made whole.

Henny, the Dutch doll, was so surprised he fell over backward and said, “Squeek!”

When the cheery little man with the white whiskers heard this, he picked Henny up and touched him with the paint brush in the center of the back, just above the place where Henny had the little mechanism which made him say “Mama” when he was new.  And when the little man touched Henny and tipped him forward and backward, Henny was just as good as new and said “Mama” very prettily.

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