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And to this day, the dollies’ little mistress does not know that Raggedy Andy was the doctor who cured the French doll of her only ill.

[Illustration:  Raggedy Andy dancing with the French doll]

[Illustration:  Dickie and Raggedy Andy]

[Illustration:  Where is Raggedy Andy’s smile?]


Raggedy Andy’s smile was gone.

Not entirely, but enough so that it made his face seem onesided.

If one viewed Raggedy Andy from the left side, one could see his smile.

But if one looked at Raggedy Andy from the right side, one could not see his smile.  So Raggedy Andy’s smile was gone.

It really was not Raggedy Andy’s fault.

He felt just as happy and sunny as ever.

And perhaps would not have known the difference had not the other dolls told him he had only one half of his cheery smile left.

Nor was it Marcella’s fault.  How was she to know that Dickie would feed
Raggedy Andy orange juice and take off most of his smile?

And besides taking off one half of Raggedy Andy’s smile, the orange juice left a great brown stain upon his face.

Marcella was very sorry when she saw what Dickie had done.

Dickie would have been sorry, too, if he had been more than two years old, but when one is only two years old, he has very few sorrows.

Dickie’s only sorrow was that Raggedy Andy was taken from him, and he could not feed Raggedy Andy more orange juice.

Marcella kissed Raggedy Andy more than she did the rest of the dolls that night, when she put them to bed, and this made all the dolls very happy.

It always gave them great pleasure when any of their number was hugged and kissed, for there was not a selfish doll among them.

Marcella hung up a tiny stocking for each of the dollies, and placed a tiny little china dish for each of the penny dolls beside their little spool box bed.

For, as you probably have guessed, it was Christmas eve, and Marcella was in hopes Santa Claus would see the tiny stockings and place something in them for each dollie.

Then when the house was very quiet, the French doll told Raggedy Andy that most of his smile was gone.

“Indeed!” said Raggedy Andy.  “I can still feel it!  It must be there!”

“Oh, but it really is gone!” Uncle Clem said.  “It was the orange juice!”

“Well, I still feel just as happy,” said Raggedy Andy, “so let’s have a jolly game of some sort!  What shall it be?”

“Perhaps we had best try to wash your face!” said practical Raggedy Ann.  She always acted as a mother to the other dolls when they were alone.

“It will not do a bit of good!” the French doll told Raggedy Ann, “for I remember I had orange juice spilled upon a nice white frock I had one time, and the stain would never come out!”

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