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But when the French doll was again placed upon her feet her eyes still remained tightly closed.

All this time, Raggedy Andy had remained in the corner, thinking as hard as his rag head would think.

He thought and thought, until the yarn hair upon his head stood up in the air and wiggled.

“If the ‘medicine’ did not run up into her hair when she stood upon her head,” thought Raggedy Andy, “then it is because the ‘medicine’ could not run; so, if the medicine can not run, it is because it is too sticky and thick to run out the hole in the top of her head.”  He also thought a lot more.

At last he turned to the others and said out loud, “I can’t seem to think of a single way to help her open her eyes unless we take off her hair and wash the medicine from inside her china head.”

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Raggedy Ann asked.  “That is just the way we shall have to do!”

So Raggedy Ann caught hold of the French doll’s feet, and Raggedy Andy caught hold of the French doll’s lively curls, and they pulled and they pulled.

Then the other dolls caught hold of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy and pulled and pulled, until finally, with a sharp “R-R-Rip!” the French doll’s hair came off, and the dolls who were pulling went tumbling over backwards.

[Illustration:  Shaking the French doll upside down]

[Illustration:  Hole in her head]

Laughingly they scrambled to their feet and sat the French doll up, so they might look into the hole in the top of her head.

Yes, the sticky “medicine” had grown hard and would not let the French doll’s eyes open.

Raggedy Andy put his hand inside and pushed on the eyes so that they opened.

This was all right, only now the eyes would not close when the French doll lay down.  She tried it.

So Raggedy Andy ran down into the kitchen and brought up a small tin cup full of warm water and a tiny rag.

With these he loosened the sticky “medicine” and washed the inside of the French doll’s head nice and clean.

There were lots of cooky and cracker crumbs inside her head, too.

Raggedy Andy washed it all nice and clean, and then wet the glue which made the pretty curls stay on.

So when her hair was placed upon her head again, the French doll was as good as new.

“Thank you all very much!” she said, as she tilted backwards and forwards, and found that her eyes worked very easily.

Raggedy Andy again wound up the little music box and, catching the French doll about the waist, started a rollicking dance which lasted until the roosters in the neighborhood began their morning crowing.

Then, knowing the folks might soon be astir, the dolls left off their playing, and all took the same positions they had been in when Marcella left them the night before.

And so Marcella found them.

The French doll was in bed with her eyes closed, and her happy dimpling smile lighting up her pretty face.

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