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“How in the world did the bunny get inside the house and into this room without awakening Fido?” she laughed.

And Fido, pretending to be asleep, slowly opened one eye and winked over the edge of his basket at Raggedy Andy.

And Raggedy Andy smiled back at Fido, but never said a word.

[Illustration:  How did the bunny get into this room?]

[Illustration:  Looking out the window]

[Illustration:  Raggedy Andy under the quilt]


All day Saturday the men had worked out upon the eaves of the house and the dolls facing the window could see them.

The men made quite a lot of noise with their hammers, for they were putting new gutters around the eaves, and pounding upon tin makes a great deal of noise.

Marcella had not played with the dolls all that day, for she had gone visiting; so when the men hammered and made a lot of noise, the dolls could talk to each other without fear of anyone hearing or knowing they were really talking to each other.

“What are they doing now?” Raggedy Andy asked.

He was lying with his head beneath a little bed quilt, just as Marcella had dropped him when she left the nursery; so he could not see what was going on.

“We can only see the men’s legs as they pass the window,” answered Uncle Clem.  “But they are putting new shingles or something on the roof!”

After the men had left their work and gone home to supper and the house was quiet, Raggedy Andy cautiously moved his head out from under the little bed quilt and, seeing that the coast was clear, sat up.

This was a signal for all the dolls to sit up and smooth out the wrinkles in their clothes.

[Illustration:  Lifting the penny dolls]

The nursery window was open; so Raggedy Andy lifted the penny dolls to the sill and climbed up beside them.

Leaning out, he could look along the new shiny tin gutter the men had put in place.

“Here’s a grand place to have a lovely slide!” he said as he gave one of the penny dolls a scoot down the shiny tin gutter.

“Whee!  See her go!” Raggedy Andy cried.

All the other dolls climbed upon the window sill beside him.

“Scoot me too!” cried the other little penny doll in her squeeky little voice, and Raggedy Andy took her in his rag hand and gave her a great swing which sent her scooting down the shiny tin gutter, “Kerswish!”

Then Raggedy Andy climbed into the gutter himself and, taking a few steps, spread out his feet and went scooting down the shiny tin.

The other dolls followed his example and scooted along behind him.

When Raggedy Andy came to the place where he expected to find the penny dolls lying, they were nowhere about.

“Perhaps you scooted them farther than you thought!” Uncle Clem said.

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