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A New Astronomy



Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory, Amherst College.

Cloth, 12mo, 480 pages.  Illustrated Price, $1.30

This book is designed for classes pursuing the study in High Schools, Academies, and Colleges.  The author’s long experience as a director in astronomical observatories and in teaching the subject has given him unusual qualifications and advantages for preparing an ideal text-book.

The noteworthy feature which distinguishes this from other text-books on Astronomy is the practical way in which the subjects treated are enforced by laboratory experiments and methods.  In this the author follows the principle that Astronomy is preeminently a science of observation and should be so taught.

By placing more importance on the physical than on the mathematical facts of Astronomy the author has made every page of the book deeply interesting to the student and the general reader.  The treatment of the planets and other heavenly bodies and of the law of universal gravitation is unusually full, clear, and illuminative.  The marvelous discoveries of Astronomy in recent years, and the latest advances in methods of teaching the science, are all represented.

The illustrations are an important feature of the book.  Many of them are so ingeniously devised that they explain at a glance what pages of mere description could not make clear.

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A Laboratory Manual in Practical Botany

For use in Secondary Schools and for Elementary Work in Colleges


Principal of Windsor Hall School, Waban, Mass.

Cloth, 12mo, 272 pages.  Illustrated 96 cents

The course of botanical study outlined in this book is intended to give the student a general view of the subject, and at the same time to lay a foundation upon which more advanced studies may be built.  The book is primarily a laboratory manual and follows the method recommended by the Committee of Ten and employed by the best teachers.  So pursued, the study of botany provides the means of developing habits of close and accurate observation and of cultivating the reasoning powers that can scarcely be claimed for any other subject taught in the schools.

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