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Name the principal parts of the eye?  What are found in the eyeball?  How is the eyeball moved in the socket?  How is the eye moistened?  Of what use is the lens of the eye?  Of what use is the pupil of the eye?  How may we preserve the eyesight?

Where are the nerves of smell located?  Of what use is the sense of smell?

Where are the nerves of taste found?  How is the sense of taste sometimes injured or lost?  What do we detect with the sense of taste?  Of what use to us is the sense of taste?

With what sense do we feel objects?  In what parts of the body is this sense most delicate?  Upon what do all the special senses depend?  Does anything that injures the brain and nerves also injure the special senses?  What is the effect of alcohol and tobacco upon the sense of sight?  How is the hearing affected by tobacco-using?  The sense of smell?  The sense of taste?

CHAPTER XXVI.  ALCOHOL.—­How is alcohol produced?  In what respect is alcohol like kerosene oil?  Is alcohol a dangerous thing even if we do not drink it?  How can you prove that there is alcohol in wine, beer, cider, and other fermented drinks?  Can you tell by the odor of his breath when a person has been drinking?  Why?  Does the breath ever take fire?  May alcohol be a cause?  From what is brandy made?  How are whiskey, gin, and rum made?  Is alcohol a result of growth, like fruits and grains, or of decay?  Is there more than one kind of alcohol?  Mention some of the members of the alcohol family.  In what ways are the members of this family alike?  Name some of the bad relations.  Are cider and beer, as well as whiskey, dangerous?  Why?  Mention some other things, besides drinks, which contain alcohol.  Are alcoholic drinks adulterated?  Is pure alcohol safe?  Is instant death ever produced by alcohol?  Will alcohol kill plants?  Describe Mr. Darwin’s experiment which proved this.  Can plants be made drunk by alcohol?  Describe the experiment which proves this.  What has Dr. Roberts proven concerning the influence of alcohol upon digestion?  How are our bodies kept warm?  Explain how alcohol makes the body cooler?  Do Arctic explorers use alcohol?  Why not?  Does the use of alcohol prevent sunstroke?  What do Stanley and Livingstone say about the use of alcohol in Africa?  What is the effect of using alcohol upon meat and eggs?  What is the effect of alcohol upon the brain and other tissues of the body?  Does alcohol cause insanity and other diseases of the brain and nerves?


[A] More properly Carbonic dioxid.

[B] For the sake of brevity and clearness the author has included under the term “little brain” the medulla oblongata as well as the cerebellum.


Aids to Field and Laboratory Work in Botany

Apgars’ Plant Analysis. By E.A. and A.C.  APGAR.

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