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8. We eat the leaves, stems, or roots of some plants, as cabbages, celery, turnips, and potatoes.  Foods of this kind are called vegetables.

9. There are other things, which, if we eat or drink them, will make us sick or otherwise do us harm.  These are called poisons.  Only such food as is pure and free from poisons is good or safe for us to use.

10.  Narcotics and Stimulants.—­There are a number of substances known as narcotics and stimulants, which, from their effects upon the body, may be classed as poisons.  Tobacco, opium, alcohol, and chloral are included in this class.  Death has often been caused by taking small quantities of any of these poisonous drugs.  We shall learn more of the effects of tobacco and alcohol in future lessons.


1.  Our bodies are made of what we eat.

2.  Things which will help us to grow strong and well, if we eat them, are foods.

3.  We get foods from plants and animals.

4.  There are several kinds of animal foods, and three classes of plant foods—­fruits, grains, and vegetables.

5.  Things which make us sick when we eat them, are poisons.



1. Most persons eat many things which are not good for them.  Some people do not stop to think whether what they eat is good for them or likely to do them harm.  Sometimes, without knowing it, we eat things which are harmful to us.  Do you not think that we should try to learn what is good to eat and what is not good, and then be very careful not to eat anything which is likely to do us harm?

2.  Diseased Foods.—­When a person is sick, he is said to be diseased.  Animals are sometimes sick or diseased.  Vegetables are also sometimes diseased.  Animals and vegetables that are diseased are not good for food.  Dishonest men, however, sometimes sell them to those who do not know that they are unfit to be eaten.

3. Pork, the flesh of the hog, is more likely to be diseased than any other kind of animal food.

4. Beef and mutton may be diseased also.  Sheep and cattle are sometimes sick of diseases very much like those which human beings have.  Meat which is pale, yellowish, or of a dark red color, is unhealthful, and should not be eaten.  Meat should never be eaten raw.  It should always be well cooked.

5.  Unripe Foods.—­Most vegetable foods are unfit to be eaten when green or unripe, especially if uncooked.  Sometimes persons are made very sick indeed by eating such articles as green apples or unripe peaches.

6.  Stale or Decayed Foods.—­Food which has been allowed to stand until it is spoiled, or has become stale, musty, or mouldy, such as mouldy bread or fruit, or tainted meat, is unfit to be eaten, and is often a cause of very severe sickness.  Canned fish or other meats spoil very quickly after the cans are opened, and should be eaten the same day.

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