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Rochenbach became Rocumbak or Rocumbaque.

Roschel became Rocha.

Toll became Doll or Doro.

Weisshaupt became Sapateiro.  In this instance the first Weisshaupt was a shoemaker.  The trade name translated into Portuguese became the family name.

Zuellich became Sills.


Waechter became Walter.

Werner became Vierne.

From the above examples it will be noticed that the new family names show, as a general rule, an adaptation of the original to Portuguese pronunciation.


So far as baptismal names are concerned, the case is quite different from that applying to surnames.  While the latter have been modified to a great extent only where the German language gave way to the Portuguese almost entirely, as stated, the former have been replaced by their Portuguese counterparts, as a rule, in all parts of Brazil.[51] Probably the chief reason for this is sentiment, or, to use what is in this case perhaps a more accurate term, patriotism.  The Portuguese Christian name in the country in question distinguishes the individual as a Brazilian, not as a German.  The people under discussion regard themselves first of all as Brazilians.[52] While, according to their idea the retention and cultivation of their “Deutschthum” makes them better and more valuable Brazilian citizens, they carefully differentiate between “Deutschthum” and (to use their own expression) “Deutschlaenderthum.”

The following are examples of Portuguese baptismal names which are commonly substituted for their German counterparts by Brazilian Germans.

     Portuguese form. German form.

Adolfo              for   Adolf. 
Alberto              "    Albert. 
Augusto              "    August. 
Bernardo             "    Bernard. 
Carlos               "    Karl. 
Edmundo              "    Edmund. 
Eduardo              "    Eduard. 
Emilio               "    Emil. 
Ernesto              "    Ernst. 
Estevao              "    Stephan. 
Ewaldo               "    Ewald. 
Francisco            "    Franz. 
Frederico            "    Friedrich. 
Germano              "    Hermann. 
Guilhermo            "    Wilhelm. 
Gustavo              "    Gustav. 
Henrique             "    Heinrich. 
Ignacio              "    Ignaz. 
Joao                 "    Johann. 
Jorge                "    Georg. 
Jose                 "    Joseph. 
Julio                "    Julius. 
Leopoldo             "    Leopold. 
Luiz                 "    Ludwig. 
Maximiliano          "    Maximilian
Paulo                "    Paul. 
Pedro                "    Peter. 
Ricardo              "    Richard. 
Roberto              "    Robert. 
Rodolfo (Rudolfo)    "    Rudolf. 
Theodoro             "    Theodor.


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