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Consider the Sultan of Turkey!  He did not want war, but those like you desired it.  When its fires were enkindled and its flames rose high, the government and the people were thereby weakened.  Unto this beareth witness every man of equity and perception.  Its calamities waxed so great that the smoke thereof surrounded the Land of Mystery(79) and its environs, and what had been revealed in the Tablet of the Sultan was made manifest.  Thus hath it been decreed in the Book, at the behest of God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.

O My Supreme Pen!  Leave Thou the mention of the Wolf, and call Thou to remembrance the She-Serpent(80) whose cruelty hath caused all created things to groan, and the limbs of the holy ones to quake.  Thus biddeth Thee the Lord of all names, in this glorious station.  The Chaste One(81) hath cried out by reason of thine iniquity, and yet thou dost imagine thyself to be of the family of the Apostle of God!  Thus hath thy soul prompted thee, O thou who hast withdrawn thyself from God, the Lord of all that hath been and shall be.  Judge thou equitably, O She-Serpent!  For what crime didst thou sting the children(82) of the Apostle of God, and pillage their possessions?  Hast thou denied Him Who created thee by His command ‘be, and it was’?  Thou hast dealt with the children of the Apostle of God as neither ’Ad hath dealt with Hud, nor Thamud with Salih, nor the Jews with the Spirit of God,(83) the Lord of all being.  Gainsayest thou the signs of thy Lord which no sooner were sent down from the heaven of His Cause than all the books of the world bowed down before them?  Meditate, that thou mayest be made aware of thine act, O heedless outcast!  Ere long will the breaths of chastisement seize thee, as they seized others before thee.  Wait, O thou who hast joined partners with God, the Lord of the visible and the invisible.  This is the day which God hath announced through the tongue of His Apostle.  Reflect, that thou mayest apprehend what the All-Merciful hath sent down in the Qur’an and in this inscribed Tablet.  This is the day whereon He Who is the Dayspring of Revelation hath come with clear tokens which none can number.  This is the day whereon every man endued with perception hath discovered the fragrance of the breeze of the All-Merciful in the world of creation, and every man of insight hath hastened unto the living waters of the mercy of His Lord, the King of Kings.  O heedless one!  The tale of the Sacrifice(84) hath been retold, and he who was to be offered up hath directed his steps towards the place of sacrifice, and returned not, by reason of that which thy hand hath wrought, O perverse hater!  Didst thou imagine that martyrdom could abase this Cause?  Nay, by Him Whom God hath made to be the Repository of His Revelation, if thou be of them that comprehend.  Woe betide thee, O thou who hast joined partners with God, and woe betide them that have taken thee as their leader, without a clear token

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