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As to Paradise:  It is a reality and there can be no doubt about it, and now in this world it is realized through love of Me and My good-pleasure.  Whosoever attaineth unto it God will aid him in this world below, and after death He will enable him to gain admittance into Paradise whose vastness is as that of heaven and earth.  Therein the Maids of glory and holiness will wait upon him in the daytime and in the night season, while the day-star of the unfading beauty of his Lord will at all times shed its radiance upon him and he will shine so brightly that no one shall bear to gaze at him.  Such is the dispensation of Providence, yet the people are shut out by a grievous veil.  Likewise apprehend thou the nature of hell-fire and be of them that truly believe.  For every act performed there shall be a recompense according to the estimate of God, and unto this the very ordinances and prohibitions prescribed by the Almighty amply bear witness.  For surely if deeds were not rewarded and yielded no fruit, then the Cause of God—­exalted is He—­would prove futile.  Immeasurably high is He exalted above such blasphemies!  However, unto them that are rid of all attachments a deed is, verily, its own reward.  Were We to enlarge upon this theme numerous Tablets would need to be written.

I swear by the righteousness of the One true God!  The Pen is unable to move by reason of that which hath befallen its Lord, and it weepeth sore, and so do I weep, and likewise weepeth the eye of Him Who is the Essence of Grandeur behind the Tabernacle of Names while seated on the Throne of His glorious Name.

Purge thou thy heart that We may cause fountains of wisdom and utterance to gush out therefrom, thus enabling thee to raise thy voice among all mankind.  Unloose thy tongue and proclaim the truth for the sake of the remembrance of thy merciful Lord.  Be not afraid of anyone, place thy whole trust in God, the Almighty, the All-Knowing.  Say, O people, fulfil whatever ye understand of the Persian Bayan and whatever ye understand not ask this unerring Remembrance that He may set forth clearly that which God hath intended in His Book, for in truth He knoweth that which is enshrined in the Bayan by virtue of the Will of Him Who is the Omnipotent, the Powerful.

Thou hast enquired about the warning We gave to the people at the time of Our departure from ’Iraq to the effect that when the Sun disappeareth from sight, birds of darkness will be in motion and the standards of Samiri(63) will be reared high.  I swear by God!  Those birds have stirred in these days and Samiri hath raised his clamour.  Well is it with him who recognizeth and is numbered with men of understanding.  We have also warned them against the appearance of the calf.  God is My witness!  All Our warnings have come to pass, as indeed, they are bound to, inasmuch as they have issued from the fingers of glory and might.  Beseech thou God to protect thee from the mischief of these

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